You can also agree to be subject to an oligarchy, provided that he knows how to do his job well. After an incipit which already makes us understand without a shadow of a doubt where we are going to ward off, we are thrown into action, in the middle of a group of unfortunate people, who wake up in a moor, where they are all killed both with increasingly brutal methods.

But one of the preys shows unexpected reactions and becomes the most ruthless predator, moving up the chain of crazy characters who organized the “game”. But who is it? From a fierce oligarchy, as in The Purge (Night of Judgment) film series, which also spawned an equally capable television series of honest entertainment? From a company with paradoxical personnel selection methods, as in Severance? There lies the pivot of the story, which is pleasant in its unfolding, still waiting for the twist that makes everything a little original, not purely derivative.

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As in many horror films, the problems of the “bad guys” will come from a woman, in this case a little blonde apparently, whose choice as prey will prove to be wrong, because behind the fragile appearance is hidden quite a different temperament. In short, nothing and nobody can be trusted, in the world it is a matryoshka of cruel deceptions, for anyone.

The Hunt is based on the story of the most dangerous game, written in 1924 by Richard Connell, which served as the starting point for seven other films. To write the screenplay, Damon Lindelof, author of The Leftovers and Watchmen the series, in which he had previously collaborated with Nick Cuse, who again supported him.

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And in production we find the prolific Jason Blum, producer of infinite horror with various successes, but also of thicker products such as the series The Purge (The Night of Judgment), Get Out, Us, The invisible man, BlacKkKlansman. To stage, the young Craig Zobel, from videos and TV series and especially The Leftovers, on which he will have known Lindelof.

As in the previous films of these last characters, there is a clear political allusion, we play a game of which we do not know the rules, without the adequate means to defend themselves, those who measure themselves with us have a clear image, they have an advantage and we don’t quite know who we are dealing with and so while we are anxious to understand we are wrong and we die.

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The hunt is fun in its tongue-in-cheek, over-the-top splashes and is entertained well, with the usual mouse / cat style hunting mechanic (here, reversing the terms is a must). However, he fails to achieve the goal with regard to the socio-political subtext, because he wants to reverse a consolidated situation, already seen in many films of the genre, of crowds slaughtered by the riccastri (why? Because? that they can”). Let’s say that the consequences here are caused more than by real events, by the vision that has been given on notorious social networks, never called to answer for their actions, forging a “people” who finally adapt to a reality never controlled , creating a certain confusion between perpetrators and victims, real or supposed (it is not clear, we realize it, but we can not say more to avoid spoiling ourselves).

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We must not forget either that with the current government, the “despicable” to be killed freely, the villagers, the proletarians, the unemployed are only part of this hard core who voted for Trump, while Hilary Clinton defined them this way during the presidential campaign. of 2016, with very undemocratic contempt.

The blondie of steel is entrusted to Betty Gilpin, noticed for the first time in Nurse Jackie then subscribes to roles of a pretty but antipathichina type, as in Masters of Sex and especially Glow, the original series on female wrestling, in which he had previously shown athletic skills (which today if you don’t know how to lead, you don’t have a career). The capitalist, made up of an equal resistance league and who unsurprisingly calls Athena, is Hilary Swank, also somewhat athletic, and the scene in which the two “comb their hair” is well choreographed. Another of the hunted is the oldest and most peaceful Wayne Duvall, known for a thousand movies and TV series. In the initial and subsequent massacres some well-known faces appear, but no one stays on stage much.

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Even this film has seen a troubled broadcast, first already postponed due to some actual massacres (Dayton and El Paso), then forced by the epidemic to go straight to other platforms.

Source: Reddit