the ideas behind this amazing sci-fi short

We are in a future where it is possible to “print” organisms that give life to artificial humans, are known as ‘angels’ and belong to their creator in perpetuity. The problem is that special permissions are needed to create these angels, so a black market is born that offers to print them. On the other hand, some of these artificial humans seek to escape from their creator and achieve their own identity, something that of course is not easy.

This is what it raises ‘XYZ, From Fire and Dust’, a science fiction short directed by the filmmaker K-Michel Parandi, who very successfully presents us with various dystopian ideas, showing a future where it is possible to create humans on demand for all kinds of tasks. The interesting thing is that nobody expected that some of these humans will seek to have identity and be independent.

‘XYZ, From Fire and Dust’

The short has a duration of less than 15 minutes and in addition to the futuristic approaches, we are immersed in a ‘noir’ aesthetic with a plot that sometimes falls into the police thriller. However, both the ideas and the visual style complement each other perfectly to bring this to life. bleak universe that at times feels very real.

‘XYZ, From Fire and Dust’ represented more than a year of work for Parandi, who decided to do it independently and with their own funding to maintain the rights. The idea of ​​the short is to evolve and find a production company interested in bringing it to life on a larger scale, in order to be able to create a future television series.

In fact, Parandi set up a website that delves more deeply into some concepts in the short, which he calls “proof of concept”, as well as the art, aesthetics and characters, where the various types of ‘angels’ are included. .

For those who do not know, Parandi was highly praised in 2013 after the release of the short ‘From the Future With Love‘, which was considered one of the best science fiction shorts of the time. Faced with such success, Parandi received a large number of offers from production chains that wanted to develop the idea, whether it was in a movie or series.

Among this barrage of offers, Parandi accepted the one from HBO, however, the project did not progress as expected since the chain decided to replace him and put another director in charge, which in the end caused it to be canceled. Faced with this experience, Parandi now seeks to do things in his own way and having all the creative rights to his work.

We leave you with that wonderful short for those who have not seen it.

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