In early 2019, the news jumped out: Facebook was working on integrate WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook Messenger to interconnect them and make them interoperable. It still has a long way to go, but Zuckerberg’s company seems to be continuing to work on the process and some new screenshots posted by Alessandro Paluzzi (developer of WaTweaker) and shared by WaBetaInfo reveal the first steps that are taken.

On the one hand, the developer shows some clues about the progress of the integration between Facebook Messenger and Instagram, offering the first the option to chat directly with the users of the second and access additional functionssuch as stickers, reactions and message forwarding. Regarding WhatsApp, a local database has been detected whose purpose appears to be to manage Facebook Messenger messages and services.

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From WhatsApp to Facebook Messenger

As explained in Xataka Android, the Facebook Messenger code shows that there will be some type of integration. In the upper screenshot, we can see how, a priori, Facebook Messenger may know If we have a blocked contact on WhatsApp, the chat status (pending messages, if archived) or the groups in which the user participates. However, you cannot access chat content, group members, or profile photos.

Because? Because WhatsApp is end-to-end encrypted using the Signal protocol. This is one of the big problems of the integration between Facebook Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp, which they use different architectures. While Messenger and Instagram are cloud-based, WhatsApp uses end-to-end encrypted direct conversations.

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Now, it has been said for some time that WhatsApp works in multi-device support, i.e. using the same WhatsApp account on two or more devices at the same time. One option to integrate WhatsApp into Facebook Messenger would be transform this application into a kind of “new device”, so that it acts as a kind of mirror of WhatsApp integrated into Messenger. This would allow interoperability between the two applications.

Anyway, we will have to wait until this integration is complete or, failing that, more clues as to how it will work. Little by little, Facebook has integrated its services together, the most obvious cases being the arrival of Messenger Rooms in its ecosystem of applications.

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Source : Engadget