All the clues seem to indicate that the launch of the iPad Air 2020 is imminent. Apple introduced it more than two weeks ago in its September keynote, promising a release in the month of october. A month that has just begun.

According to a tweet posted by Mark Gurman, one of Apple’s most trusted leakers, ” Apple marketing materials for the new iPad Air are starting to hit stores, which suggests a launch sooner rather than later ”.

It seems that the Apple Stores are preparing for the launch of the new iPad Air and already have the classic posters to decorate the walls and windows of the stores. Apple usually launches on Fridays, so maybe October 2 may be the day.

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The iPad Air debuts many new features

The new iPad Air 2020 has a completely renewed design, very similar to the iPad Pro but in new colors. But that is not the only thing it shares with the Apple Pro model, we also have compatibility with the Apple Pencil, the Smart Keyboard and USB-C connection.

In addition to its new design, the iPad Air 2020 has been in charge of brand new Apple A14 Bionic processor. It is the same processor that will include the next iPhone 12 and the latest creation of the guys from Cupertino.

And finally, we have the new Touch ID sensor. This iPad Air has released the unlock button with Touch ID that is likely to become popular in the range of Apple devices. It will reach both other iPads and possible new iPhones.

iPad Air Touch ID

The iPad Air will have a starting price of 649 euros and everything indicates that very soon you will be able to get hold of the new Apple device. Aim that it can become a best seller.

Source : Techradar

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