The iPhone 11 is on its way to becoming the new best seller of the bitten apple after the success of the iPhone XR, and more at this price: 699 euros costs in Aliexpress Plaza from Spain with the coupon ALICHOLLO70.

Buy iPhone 11 at the best price

Its RRP is 809 euros and the usual thing is that there is little discount if we buy it from Spain, but in Aliexpress Plaza using the ALICHOLLO70 coupon it can be ours for 699 euros, more than 100 euros different from stores like Amazon or FNAC. Ships from Spain and has a 2-year official warranty

In our analysis of the iPhone 11 we highlight the video stabilization, the game that gives the combination of angular and ultra angular and the general fluidity thanks to the A13 Bionic processor.

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The iPhone 11 continues to fall in price and can now be purchased for less than 700 euros in Aliexpress Plaza from Spain