It’s that time of year when leaks and rumors about the next iPhone are taking shape. This time, a new rendering of which a model has been made shows us the next iPhone 12 Pro Max. And it does it in all its glory: 6.7-inch screen, entailler much narrower and flatter edges and many other new features.

IPhone 12 Pro Max with more screen, less entailler and new design

the youtuber Filip koroy from the EverythingApplePro channel posted this video in which the CAD drawings allegedly obtained from the iPhone 12 Pro Max can be seen. Together with Max Weinbach, the two compiled all the news obtained from their sources in him (both gave information in the past that was filled in). As we can see, this is a pretty comprehensive and detailed look at what could be Apple’s next Star Terminal.

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Among the most remarkable novelties, there are three. The first is the screen size, which in this “Max” model would drop to 6.7 inches from the current 6.5 inches. A small increase in available space on the screen, although it is not clear that the terminal also physically increases the space.

And is that the iPhone 12 Pro Max and the rest of the new iPhone this year will debut with a new design. Its main feature will be the flat edges, similar to those we found in the iPhone 5. Of course, the edge appears to have a rounded bevel instead of being flat.

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notch size Schematic representation of the iPhone 12 Pro Max and the iPhone 11 Pro Max, with the difference in the size of the notch.

The screen bezels will also shrink about 1 millimeter on each side. Thanks to this, the screen can grow even if we are not clear which explains the 0.2 inch diagonal Additional. And finally we come to entailler, the width of which would be significantly reduced, as reported by other rumors.

Judging by the pictures, the system that houses the TrueDepth sensors is now reportedly around half. It’s not a total disappearance as you might expect in the wake of the iPad Pro, but that would free up space.

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Other rumors (small and large)

iPhone 12 pro max thickness

In addition to the design, display and entaillerThis iPhone 12 Pro Max would also include a series of exciting new features. According to rumors provided by the two filtered in this video and certified by Jon ProsserThere is a list of very interesting additional features:

  • Incorporation of a LiDAR sensor as in the iPad Pro (2020). This sensor causes an overhaul of the camera system, which is now square instead of slightly rectangular.
  • The spacing lines on the chassis that serve as an antenna are now thicker, to meet the needs of an iPhone 5G.
  • A smart connector on the right edge, we do not know for what purpose.
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  • the sim card tray it would be on the left side due to the incorporation of the smart connector.
  • The thickness of the terminal would be slightly thinner, about 7.4mm, because the use of interior space by the new design would be greater.
  • New speakers would allow volume 10-15% higher.
  • Finally, the midnight green color would be replaced by a navy blue, where Apple would hesitate between two different shades.

So far, the most important features provided by this group of filtered. It should be noted that in the case of Prosser, his predictions on the new iPhone SE have been met. Although the authors claim that this CAD is not final, it is very close to the final design.

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Keep in mind that Apple closes its designs about 10 to 12 months before launch. Over the following months, the company the manufacturing process begins, its improvement and coordination with suppliers. So, at this stage of the year, the final model is already more than decided.

Source: Appleinsider