The Iphone 5c it is remembered as the first attempt at a “cheap” device with the bitten apple logo. Introduced in 2013 it was a mini version of the famous iPhone and the first available in various colors.

iPhone 5c is already a classic Apple model

Back then, it was described as an upper mid-range phone but with the software of the iPhone 5. Almost seven years later, it has been declared vintage.

There is still technical support for the iPhone 5c

In a new update to its products, Apple has declared the iPhone 5C classic. This classification includes those products that have not been sold in more than five years and less than seven years and whose technical service is unlimited. Vintage products also include Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple TV models.

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According to Apple’s official site, in the past, the company used to restrict technical support for vintage products to its stores in the United States, but in 2018, the company began to extend support for vintage products.

So from now on, customers can find technical support for the “classic” iPhone 5c at Apple stores and authorized service providers, always taking into account the availability of components.

As the company has also reported, it is discontinuing and will make iPhone 5c to be obsolete by 2022, which will permanently end technical support for it.

The modest success of the iPhone 5c

At the time of its launch, Expectations for Apple’s cheap new iPhone fattened sales projections. However, the figures presented from the bitten apple were not as expected, and for many, the problem was in assuming that this iPhone of colors and plastic materials would be really very cheap, when its entry price was 599 euros.

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Source : Techradar