In February, we told you that the development of Kerbal Space Program 2 had changed hands. The game was developed by Star Theory, but has been moved to a new in-house studio of Take Two (remember that the license is owned by that company) with some of the original creators. However, what happened to the rest of the staff was left in the air.

Now a new Bloomberg report has shed light on the events. He says Private Division, the Take Two affiliate who is responsible for publishing the game, had terminated their contract with Star Theory, so offered all employees the opportunity to switch to Incercept Games, the new internal study, to continue working on it. Many agreed, leaving Star Theory without a plan and without a lot of staff. Two months later, the studio was forced to close.

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The workers they first discovered this news via a Linkedin message by Michael Cook, Executive Producer at Private Division. In that same statement, they had the opportunity to leave Star Theory and go to Take Two with “A monetary bonus on signing, an excellent salary, the possibility of taking more bonuses and other benefits”.

The message reached them on a Friday. The following Monday, upon returning to the office, staff met with Star Theory founders Bob Berry and Jonathan Mavor. They told them that they had spoken to Take Two about buying the studio, but the terms of the agreement do not seem appropriateSo they rejected the deal.

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At the same meeting, they urged their employees to stay, as they said the studio had the money to last a little longer and sign more contracts. However, in the following weeks Take Two had already taken control of a third of the staff.

The developers who stayed two months to think about a new project that Star Theory could introduce you to other editors at this year’s GDC. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in the event being canceled and, therefore, the study plans. On March 4, after that, Star Theory closed its doors.

Private division spokesperson Brian Roundy said “More than half of the team is now at the Incercept Games”. Recently, Programme spatial Kerbal 2 it was delayed until fall 2021. We now know in more detail why development is being delayed for so long.

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Source: Gadgetsnow