Whenever you think that a video game in question has already unraveled all its secrets, something new may appear thanks to a user to prove that this is not the case.

The Last of Us part 2 has a easter egg who would be shouting that this and Uncharted 4 are two games with different themes, but sharing the same universe. If you remember well, at the beginning of the year in January, YouTuber Anthony Caliber stumbled upon a strange easter egg when he was playing The Last of Us. Rather, the weird thing was because of everything you had to do to wake up, nothing weird considering that they are well hidden secrets.

But now comes the fun part, when in this second part nothing seemed to surprise us almost 9 months after its premiere, someone has found a new easter egg. Curious, of course, but it also connects him to Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End and especially how both worlds are smaller than we thought; including the possibility of sharing universe.

East easter egg in question is a pill bottle of an old woman, which are also in Uncharted 4 and, being more specific, in the Chapter 16: The Drake Brothers. As you can see in an image shared on Reddit, the name of the clinic where they were purchased is ‘Westons ’. Paying a little attention, you can see that these sites are also in both The Last of Us.

Inclusive, ‘Westons ‘You can also see The Last of Us Left Behind, where some Ellie and Riley explore this site after escaping together. On The Last of Us Part 2, during the episode of Los Serafitas, Ellite goes to the hospital and this ‘Westons ’ is an optional site; but when found, Ellie can take refuge inside and find cans of these pills.

Easter egg. In uncharted 4 the pills are from Weston’s . The same throughout last of us 2. from r / thelastofus

Right now the suspicions around this are on the table, but the evidence increasingly tends to suspect that The Last of Us and Uncharted 4 share universes. Although right now one of the people who can answer that is the Neil Druckmann himself, in addition to someone within the management team of the game itself.

Uncharted 4 has a very hidden reference to Monkey Island (and no, it’s not Guybrush’s painting)

This is not the only time that similar references appear, since in Uncharted 3 a newspaper appears in a bar in which it anticipates the arrival of The last of us; and that’s almost 2 years before the game was released on Playstation 3.

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