Around the world today, the first level of the embargo The Last of Us Part II. Does it look like this:

  • June 1: « You can talk about a certain section in the middle of the game. »
  • June 12: “You can review by strictly observing the spoiler guides. «
  • June 19: “Red spoiler alert, everyone is hiding in the bunker! «

According to the documents we signed, we cannot talk about the plot, nor the final conclusions, nothing more than the events of a separate chapter. And thank God! And let it stay! And don’t read our full review of the 12! Read only this material.

What is this completely anti-spoiler text about?

Ellie leaves the theater and must cross town to find Nora. Next is the section of about two hours in which we fight mushroom zombies, with people (in different configurations) we can assess the structure of the level, see some cut scenes, an arsenal, graphics and technologies.

We can’t (and don’t want to) discuss plot details, overall pacing, and make-up. Therefore, preview is the perfect way to count everything that’s important without spoiling anything.

By the way, we’re actually going to be discussing the same episode, but very extensive.

Most important change

The last of us (a) is a close match. When Ellie and Joel in Part 1 walked through the destroyed towns, most of the doors were closed, the levels were too hallways, although they tried to mimic « the air ». The power of PlayStation 3 contained the spirit of « exploring a shattered world ».

Now, if you’re not careful enough, you’ll walk through an absolutely optional but detailed two-story building. You miss a unique, perfectly established moment, a short history of the world (decorations, a note, a safe), the only opportunity to pump weapons, all kinds of supplies …

Finding Nora’s episode reveals the city trip has finally become entirely » The path « with which the original was compared. Sometimes a horde suddenly falls through the window, and then through the front door window you go up to a workshop for more details.

The most important thing has not changed.

New turn-based tactics TLoU not turned (well what can I say!). It is a dynamic and forceful partisan action in which stealth and shootings are a single entity. The main bet is the same: dynamically change several episodes.

For two hours, he explores the streets for consumables, falls in dark warehouses and fights against various zombies, falls from a great height in a steep scene, fights with people in different types of places, walks through linear segments of peace »How to get out of here? “And in almost any battle you have the option of not hitting anyone, only running out the gate if you want to.

The Last of Us: Part 2: Pased The Last of Us Part II. This is the last text you need to read.

How much better is the gameplay?

Despite all the subjectivity of the matter, the game has gotten much, much richer and bigger. In the Finding Nora episode (I’m tired of this warning, but we’re not drawing any final conclusions!) There isn’t a single repeat battle. Each situation is unique. Here are some examples.

Forest. Ferns at the waist. Half a dozen religious fanatics with bows and hammers who first noticed you were falling out of nowhere. All it takes is one (new) action: lie down to become almost invisible. But lying down is not planned: the grass is on the way. Get up to grab someone: the others will see, there are hardly any trees.

Rows of desks. Dark. They try to circle fast mushroom zombies around every corner, to take them to a corner. And although Ellie has a knife and cuts the nutcracker however she wants, you have to fight fiercely with each zombie in your fists, grab the shotgun to at least gain seconds for the treat, and flee to the far corner, hoping you will get lost.

Hospital entrance – A huge militarized post with tents, towers and patrols inside the building. Therefore, the battlefield, in fact, is made up of three different places in one. And, God forbid, you will be able to take out the sniper quickly, or else you will have to run towards the building, get away from the guards inside, throw mine traps behind you, make new silencers over and over again … then come back for the sniper!

And although this all sounds familiar to you, now it’s perfect

The Last of Us: Part 2: Pased The Last of Us Part II. This is the last text you need to read.

The gameplay has been tweaked so that the battle has an incredible pace. We have a thousand new seemingly small process improvements, each of which dramatically changes the situation on the battlefield:

  • Dogs that don’t allow you to sneak up on you tear you apart.
  • In a direct hit, you fall on your back (and those b******s immediately run in your direction).
  • You can lie down even in low grass.
  • Unlimited knife for the whole game gives a more dynamic rhythm.
  • Bypassing and stopping is an important part of the combat system, but not like Batman’s.

Speaking of the pace of the battle, it’s worth noting. You have a silencer for three hits, so the battle with five enemies in an ideal scenario ends in a minute. But that will (almost) never happen, because one fails and the chain of events begins to relax.

TLoU Part II It is about your failures, but because each time the battle continues in a new way. Anytime you’re taken to a new corner of a huge location, the hallway shoot won’t happen in the same scenario as the rampage in a tent. And if you managed to occupy the sniper tower, then you will tell your friends for two more days what an incredible situation was created and how you ran out of cartridges in front of the whole base. Fight in second part in the episode Finding Nora, something completely surprising.

Higher level?

There are, as in the first part. Nothing special

  • Weapons can be modified on workbenches to increase damage, reduce recoil and add new « features ». He’s incredibly handsome.
  • There are a number of abilities that you can unlock at your convenience while collecting special pills. These include faster silent kills, crafting more items and special abilities (the ability to hold your breath and stabilize your eyes, for example).

What level of difficulty are you playing?

As you know, I’m far from being a die-hard driver, but Denis Karamyshev and I agreed that in the Finding Nora episode, the levels work like this:

  • « Normal »: you almost never die, forgive everything.
  • In « Heavy » interesting and fun.
  • Survival is a very special difficulty. In it, the dynamics of the battles change completely due to the fact that enemies do not give a saving break « I saw – I thought, I attacked », and the infected really crush and surround themselves. .

Keep this flag, only in « Survival » for the first time the thought appears, « Well, nafig, sneak past. «

Maybe just a little bit on the plot? Dialogues? Present a story?

The Last of Us: Part 2: Pased The Last of Us Part II. This is the last text you need to read.

We looked at the game, then watched the merged spoilers online, and envisioned an absolutely terrible ban on all details until June 19.

Is there a discount?

The original trailer from two years ago « certainly doesn’t reflect the quality of the final product, » and while some things have improved, I’ve never been able to pull off such an animation of shooting a dart arrow. ‘a corpse, as in the given section. But everything shown in State of Play is 100% true. (In that two hour episode, of course!)

Well, the last one: will you have to load the tables again?

In the Finding Nora episode, you have to throw out the trash.

Congratulations! You know everything you need to know about The Last of Us Part II on the episode Finding Nora!

Source: The Verge

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