We’re not sure exactly when and if the waters will calm down completely, as director Neil Druckmann will only recently confirm that he’s received death threats. surely The Last of Us: Part II will discuss until the planned launch on June 19 and even after its release, when all concerned have tried the game in hand and can really talk about it knowingly.

Meanwhile, the work of Naughty Dog arriving exclusively on PS4 has a supporter who is probably not impartial but who certainly could not have stepped in so as not to risk being sucked into the spiral of hatred that seems to surround the title after a leak. and spoiler for the last few weeks. We speak Troy Baker, actor and voice actor who in the video game world is rightly considered one of the best professionals in the sector.

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Baker is the voice of Joel, protagonist of the first The Last of Us and central figure of this second chapter which will make us play the role of Ellie. The actor had already supported the game in recent days but today he returns to the subject during a Q&A organized on Instagram. Here’s how the actor responded to a user who was concerned about spoiling the experience upon seeing a few leaked footage these days.

“Oh man, it doesn’t matter. If you think that a video game can be ruined by a few images… really? A studio with over 30 years of experience with as many awards won as a trophy cabinet is not enough to accommodate them all. “It’s the biggest and most ambitious game they’ve ever created. Do you really think that the experience can be erased by a few images? Do you think six years of development can be undone by this? It’s a game, it’s a game. That’s all I’m going to say ” .

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A concept that only a few days had also been confirmed by Druckmann in the video to celebrate the entry into the gold phase. A video that was struck by a wave of aversion but which contained, among other things, a sentence in line with the position of Joël’s interpreter:

“The last thing I want to say is that no matter what you’ve seen, heard or read, nothing compares to playing this title from start to finish. It’s a video game, you have to play it ” .

What do you think of Troy Baker’s lyrics? Have you leaked any spoilers or spoilers or have you ever seen them on purpose or unintentionally? Do you think the leaked spoilers can ruin The Last of Us: Part II yourself?

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