In recent days, the long-awaited has been available exclusively on PS4 The Last of Us Part 2, continuation of the masterpiece The evil dog and one of the most anticipated games of the current generation.

The title has received perfect ratings from almost all of the trade press, including 10 sympathetic ones, but not everyone thinks the same: some users, visibly dissatisfied with certain elements of the game, have decided to show their disappointment sure Metacritic, leaving negative reviews and very low ratings, triggering the famous critical bomb effect.

At that time, the metacritical average for the trade press was 95, while that for users was 3.6, a substantial difference. While some negative reviews come with honest, shareable reviews, the vast majority of them are sterile “0” without comment, leaving a lot to be desired about their credibility. Of course, there are also empty “10’s”, but the message from users is clear: gamers won’t like The Last of Us Part 2.

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The reasons for this examination-bombardment? To read people’s opinions online, there is an embarrassment of choice: among the pro-LGBT issues that some consider to be necessarily inserted, an unnecessarily “dark” and “edgy” story and whoever has more, more.

Whatever the legitimacy of the bombing, how will Naughty Dog take it? Well, it seems they took it well, indeed, too well.

Directly from their Twitter account, the director Neil Druckmann and the writer Halley Gross, expressed their opinion by joking about what happened and making fun of the enemies. Druckmann joked that TLOU2 received double the user reviews that Chapter 1 received on Metacritic in seven years, in just over two days. Gross, on the other hand, simply said hatred of haters was the source of her food, showing how the incident did not affect her at all.

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The divergence of opinion between the specialized press and the players, already very animated, will be at the center of many debates in the days to come: we hope to be able to speak about it in an open and civilized way. What is your opinion on the subject? Is The Last of Us Part 2 a masterpiece, or is there something you don’t like at all?

Remember that the title is available from June 19 on PlayStation 4.

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