The Last of Us Part 2 is the biggest game of The bad dog and while that doesn’t mean the sequel is set to become an open world, it does mean the studio’s goal is to create a vast and varied new set of environments to explore and survive.

Speaking with IGN, the director Neil Druckmann he explained both the dev team’s approach to creating Seattle and how the introduction of new enemy factions added more variety to the story and gameplay. ” We chose Seattle because of the number of different locations it has. We knew we would be spending a lot of time in the city and, as it must be with a good Naughty Dog game, we had to change things up on the styles and artistic locations.“Said Druckmann, noting the variety of the city.

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« The team therefore studied the architecture of the city a lot. They scanned several documents to make them authentic. «

The decision to study the city in depth obviously guaranteed level designers to create interesting spaces of exploration and combat for players.

« For the fight it was a constant principle, [vogliamo] combine the familiar with the unknownDruckmann continued, noting that residential areas, now covered in vegetation in this post-pandemic world, may offer something unexpected.

Druckmann also pointed out how the use of Seattle sewers and others like “disturbing and humid areas“Allowed the team to replicate the horror elements of the sequel.

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« We have creatures in the walls and sometimes they are dead and nothing will happen sometimes they can suddenly attack you« .

Seattle also hosts the Washington Liberation Front and me Seraphites, two groups that Ellie will face that offer new combat challenges.

« You will see the WLF, this secular militarist faction, and then the Seraphites, this religious group that rejected old world technology and built everything from scratch.“Druckmann declared.

« The WLF amassed military equipment. They therefore use several machine guns and have vehicles in certain configurations.«, I continued.

« Although what makes Searphites awkward and scary to deal with is that they are very stealthy and silent … and they will attack you using vegetation.« .

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The Last of Us Part II will arrive on June 19 for PS4.

Source: IGN.

Source: Reddit