The Last of Us: Part 2 this leaves many artists, developers and programmers in the game industry in awe. Deserves that? Not the high level graphics, the plot or anything like that. What impressed everyone was the physics of the rope.

Sure Twitter, someone recently shared a short clip, in which it shows Ellie grabbing a rope, picking it up and throwing it in different directions, going through windows and doors, connecting it to various elements of the storyline … all done with highly plausible physics, as would be the case with a cable in real life .

The care taken in the manufacture of this small element has impressed many initiates, astonished by what they saw in front of them. As explained by the co-director Kurt Margenau, the merit of this technical miracle lies Jaros Sinecky, one of the programmers of The evil dog.

Below, however, we report the reactions of some developers to the clip in question: among them you’ll even find programmers and artists from triple-A studios like EA and Blizzard.

This is in all respects a minor detail, and whether or not implemented does not affect the overall experience of the game. However, its presence is a sign of the care that Naughty Dog has taken to its product, such as for leaving its mark on the hearts (and perhaps even the pride) of many programmers.

Who knows if, from now on, we’ll mysteriously find more string physics-focused video games?

Source: VG247

Source : Reddit