It seems the aftermath of the serious leaks and spoilers that have hit The Last of Us: Part II don’t stop at the “only” spoiler risk. Apparently the issue is much more delicate and especially on social media and on Reddit part of the fan base is talking about radical action based on positions decidedly against Naughty Dog’s latest efforts.

It really seems that the choices of Neil Druckmann and associates provoke very strong reactions in a part of the community. As Multiplayer reported, over the past few hours there has been talk of canceling a pre-order, a priori boycott and even, to say the least unlikely, requests to rewrite the plot. We don’t even talk about the Summons on behalf of ex Naughty Dog, Amy Hennig because they are just too stupid to be considered worthy because Hennig has nothing to do with The Last of Us (at best, we could have invoked the name of Bruce Straley).

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We will briefly talk about all of these reviews while avoiding any kind of spoiler..

In addition, on our portal there is no shortage of opinions against the plot of the game, but in some respects these are inevitable positions, and on the other hand, a video game certainly cannot be popular with everyone. The contempt which rises above all against Druckmann goes in some cases beyond the “norm”. The fault of The Last of Us: Part II lies in some ways in the trailer below and even in the DLC of the first chapter, Left Behind.

The Last of Us: Part II’s fault, apparently, is for expressing an overly political message in favor of the LGBTQ community and a progressive mindset that has increasingly taken root in the entertainment world, sometimes even not always appreciable or successful. This position also relates to some rumors that the lessor is someone who hates the issues covered by the game.

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The question is quite simple. No one is forcing anyone to appreciate a work created by a group of creatives or their positions on certain issues. What is certain is that a judgment on this aspect alone leaves a bitter taste in the mouth as a choice to criticize Ellie’s a priori sexual orientation.

The author has to admit that he would like to read reviews of how the story is told, how it evolved, the build of the characters and the lack of script quality rather than purely ideological accusations against a team that doesn’t. do not. didn’t make a choice just because it’s “cool”. Maybe even so, who can say it for sure, but at the same time, he did it by laying an incredibly strong storytelling foundation and portraying cohesive, deep, and unforgettable characters. Because Ellie doesn’t kiss Riley like that, because “that’s cool”.

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The problem may lie in the fact that if Ellie was heterosexual, these discussions wouldn’t even exist. Can’t we take it a step further and assess the quality of writing, gameplay, and emotions that a story can convey without looking at what’s in the middle of the protagonists’ legs?

Source: Reddit