A report states that The Last of Us Remake for PlayStation 5 will not be a remaster, but that the graphics engine will be completely renewed for the next-gen and will include many new features.

The Last of Us is one of the most iconic games of the PlayStation brand, which in 2013 left us speechless on PS3 and later had its own remaster for PS4. The good work of Naughty Dog with the IP has made all the users of Sony consoles always expect to know new adventures and stories from the universe The Last of Us … the rumored remake of the first title is much more than it seems.

We already told you that Bloomberg claimed that Naughty Dog was preparing a remake of The Last of Us for PS5, which was in line with Neil Druckmann’s statements about “something great” for the next-generation PlayStation console. Now a new rumor unleash the fury in the networks.

According to the GameReactor portal, the next The Last of Us Remake will not be a simple remastering for PS5, but will go much further. I mean, I know will use the graphics engine of The Last of Us 2 and will be added new playable options and novelties, something that has taken us all by surprise.

Although it is not confirmed, it seems that Naughty Dog would be working on a facelift in style for its magnum of the year 2013, which would not only give a huge leap in the technical (textures, resolution and performance), but would have new parts, new game modes and lots of content additions to the original PS3 title and the PS4 remaster released in 2014.

This information builds on what we knew to date. A few weeks ago, Jason schreier Bloomberg surprised by announcing that Naughty Dog had been divided into several projects, one of them being the multiplayer mode of The Last of Us Part II, while another section would be in charge of a full remake of the first game for PS5.

” There’s the multiplayer mode they’re doing, I don’t know what stage it’s at, but I doubt it needs the whole team. They had a group of people who needed work, so it was an elegant solution: Let’s put the TLOU remake, getting them used to working on PS5 and make this happen“It’s something that that part of the studio has to do over the next year while the other stuff is in pre-production. ”

As we say, this information has not been confirmed by Sony or Naughty Dog, but it makes perfect sense that this masterpiece is going to be released on PlayStation 5 as well, due to its great importance and legacy for the industry. Recently, we told you that The Last of Us 3 would be in the study plans, but development has not started yet, although it is already known which plot path to follow, and we assume that it will be first the time of return for the Uncharted IP, whose fifth installment could be in development.

The first The Last of Us is available on PS3, while on PS4 you can enjoy a remastered version Which does a lot of justice to Naughty Dog’s enormous work. And, if everything runs its course, on PS5 we can enjoy a remake in style.

Source: Wccftech