One of the great limitations of WhatsApp Web, in addition to not being able to use the personalized stickers that we have on the mobile, is that does not have support for calls and video calls. Or rather, it has it half way, since for some time it has been possible to create chat rooms through Messenger Rooms. Be that as it may, it seems that this limitation is close to ending.

WaBetaInfo, the blog specialized in discovering the news that WhatsApp is developing in its betas, has revealed that on WhatsApp Web / desktop the arrival of native WhatsApp video calls and calls is being prepared. It is not yet known when they will be available, but thanks to the screenshots obtained by WaBetaInfo we can get an idea of ​​how it works.

WhatsApp video calls directly from your PC

The specific version that we are dealing with today is WhatsApp Web 2.2043.7. In it, WaBetaInfo has discovered new icons right next to the search engine that allow start a call or video call. The text “beta” appears in these icons, something that could indicate that WhatsApp could launch the function in testing phase sooner rather than later.

When we receive a call or video call from WhatsApp, the web shows us a pop-up with username, your profile picture and the accept or reject buttons. On the contrary, when we initiate the call we have the button to hang up, to mute, to start or pause the video and the settings button.

According to WaBetaInfo, the support includes video calls and calls, both individual and group. However, since the function is still under development, we do not know what the interface of a video call with eight people will be like or if it will be possible to use it in PiP mode within WhatsApp.

And when will that happen? It’s a mystery. As a general rule, and sticking to the previous WaBetaInfo discoveries, from when the functions are found until they reach the beta version, it does not usually take long. In short, it will be time to wait until the function is officially launched. Meanwhile, it is always possible to initiate a video call or group call using Messenger Rooms or an alternative app.

The latest version of WhatsApp Web shows support for making video calls and calls from the computer