It’s a nostalgic Wait today with the Power Rangers and Crash Bandicoot. In addition, Cities: Skylines will receive new free DLC and Breath of the Wild is played out very quickly. Night watch, good morning!

Cities: Skylines gets free Pearls from the East DLC

Cities: Skylines is already two years old and is basically what SimCity should have been. In those two years, the game has already been sold 3.5 million times and that is cause for celebration. A party in the form of free DLC. Pearls from the East will be available for download soon and will bring three new buildings. The Panda Zoo, Chinese Temple, and the Shanghai Pearl Tower can quickly be planted in your city and let’s face it, who wouldn’t want pandas in their city?

Not much later this year, another, more substantial expansion called Mass Transit will arrive. In this expansion, the focus is mainly on transport on the ground, in the water and in the air. In addition, this DLC also adds new scenarios, landmarks and roads. So after two years you are still far from expanded.

Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy – Hang Eight Level Playtrough

June 30 is a wonderful day for the nostalgia among us. That is the release date of the Crash Bandicoot remaster. What was once something of a mascot for Sony has fallen into obscurity over the years, but the love is still there with old school gamers and the developer alike. This is clearly visible in the following images:


The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild played within an hour

You could of course wait for it, not long of course, because speedrun, but Breath of the Wild is finished within an hour by various speedrunners. Venick409 finished Nintendo’s instant classic in 54 minutes and five seconds in the ‘any% run’ category. That means that he has defeated the final boss and therefore not achieved everything that can be obtained in the game. This run is bound to contain spoilers, so be warned!

There is only a small riot, because the speedrunners used the Twilight Link Amiibo to spawn a horse and some people think that is cheating. Venick himself has indicated that using Epona saves about 50 seconds. Playing on the Wii U instead of the Switch also saves 31 seconds and setting the language to German also saves another 10 seconds. Efficient people, those Germans. Furthermore, we are of course still in a fairly early stage of the game and this time will undoubtedly be reduced even further. We will see!

FFXV Episode Gladiolus – trailer

Gladiolus is by far the most brutal guy in Final Fantasy XV and The Guard is more than content to get his own DLC. The trailer has been shown on PAX and looks almost as brutal as Gladiolus is.

Prefer authentic Japanese moans? Can also:

Twitch will stream all episodes of Power Rangers

On March 23, the new Power Rangers movie will premiere and to celebrate, Twitch will air all episodes of the Power Rangers television series from March 15. The marathon lasts until March 30th. In those two weeks, all 831 (!) Episodes of 19 different Power Ranger series will be broadcast. The Guard had no idea there were so many episodes, but he’s definitely going to get one or two. The marathon will be broadcast on the Twitch Presents channel and streamers can also co-host the stream and provide their own commentary. Nostalgia incoming!

Logan – Deleted scenes

Mister Sunday Movies tells a thing or two about Logan and his deleted scenes, absent characters and rejected concepts. There is a little spoiler here and there, so if you have not seen the film yet (go and watch it first, because it is really good) then pay attention when watching this video:

Thank you for reading! Daaaaag!