The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild Symphony.

The Legend of Zelda Breath of the wild Symphony. This is one of the video games that is part of the already famous The Legend of Zelda franchise, this is one of the most outstanding games in the saga, in this the main character Link can be seen developing his adventures in the format of graphics with HD definitionis the third game in this saga to hit the market in this format.

This version of the video game takes place in a setting of a post-apocalyptic universe, made in an open world, where players will have the alternative to achieve their objectives in different ways. I also know you can play offlinewhich is another novelty.

The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild Symphony

Critics’ opinions

For critics and experts on the subject, despite the delay in the launch of the video game, which was scheduled for 2015, this version of the saga was received with many positive opinions. The presentation of the game took place as usual for Nintendo, in E3 of the year 2016indicating that its release on the market would be for the following year, that is, 2017.

The wait was rewarded, since, for fans of the saga, and for connoisseurs and critics of the field They will consider it one of the best productions of the saganot only because of the possibility of having several ways to reach the objectives, but also because of the high quality of the graphics and the soundtrack that are part of the game.

The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild Symphony

delivery number 18

The 18th installment of the saga, that is, The Legend of Zelda Breath of the wild Symphony, has been considered as one of the most complete games and for many the best of the franchise until that moment.

This was undoubtedly one of Nintendo’s best creations, at least for the year, in which won several awardsamong them The Game Awards 2017. And it is that the interaction that occurs during the Development of the game and the ability to be played without the need for a connection make it one of the most extraordinary gaming experiences.

The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild Symphony

The graphics

The graphics of this version of the Legend of Zelda saga They are one of the most realistic. and they are beautiful to look at, their high definition makes them truly a natural spectacle, where players will have more freedom to interact and explore the settings. One of the most interesting things about this version of the video game is that there are no defined borders and players can move from one world to another without much difficulty.

The main character

Regarding Link, he is of course still one of the main characters of the story and the player will control him in a different way, in third person to be precise, which of course Gives a new perspective. As for the way the character is displayed, it is completely three-dimensional.

The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild Symphony