Edited in 2000 for Nintendo 64, The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask is the second game in the series programmed in 3D, similar to Ocarina of Time, the game that marked the transition from 2D productions to completely three-dimensional characters and scenarios, and also the last game directed by Miyamoto, the father of the series, he who was also a worker for Super Mario 64, also released for Nintendo 64, having created two reference games in terms of transition to 3D, revolutionary in their time and the bases for the future.

In 2011, Nintendo edited an Ocarina of Time port for 3DS, renaming it Ocarina of Time 3D, taking advantage of the stereoscopic effect of the laptop, while the graphics benefited from a new treatment, with an aspect cleaner, more crystalline and without pinching the game system, which essentially remained unchanged. After the launch was made and the surprise sold out, it didn’t take long before new rumors emerged about the edition of Majora’s Mask, a kind of “dark” Legend of Zelda, which despite not being as famous as Ocarina of Time in the voice of fans of the series, perhaps because it has a smaller number of “dungeons”, in some segments it manages to be brilliant, if not brilliant, even surpassing the original.

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Skull Kid.

Majora’s Mask was built from the graphics engine of Ocarina of Time. 3D production is very similar and many of the mechanics have been imported. But at the helm of the game were the debutants, but already well experienced, Yoshiaki Koizume and Eiji Aonuma, the last one who still leads the series to the present.

At the end of the Ocarina of Time credits, few could have thought that two years later, the change in tone of the series would be so drastic. Majora’s Mask’s intro scene clearly surpasses that of Ocarina of Time and is one of the best ever. The times of the hero who traveled back in time to save Hyrule have passed and Link, an orphan and without his fairy Navi, crosses with Epona a magical but simultaneously dark forest, when he is approached by a mysterious creature, the playful and somewhat demented Skull Kid, who using Majora’s Mask alters the hero’s future, transporting him to new territory, Termina, with his exponent clock-tower. Transformed into a Deku Scrub and out of his human condition, it won’t be long before Link faces an even greater challenge than his terrible condition, avoiding the destruction of Termina, having only 3 days, the time left until the moon, too close , crash into the planet and wipe everything off the surface.

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A vast set of masks.

Being able to go back in time through a perpetual cycle using the famous Ocarina, the hero’s journey comes down to the constant sum of fifty-five minutes, the time available to complete quests, complete “dungeons” and improve the lives of the inhabitants of Termina, which in this game are much more than mere text pits. What we can do for each of them is an additional agenda that clearly rewards us after completing this epic campaign, in which we will be able to modify the character and use special skills after putting on the mask. It is also in Majora’s Mask that for the first time we hear a cry of agony from Link, every time he puts on the Deku mask.

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Not being exclusive to New 3DS, Majora’s Mask 3D benefits immensely from the entry into the latest evolution of Nintendo’s portable platform. The game does not take advantage of the turbo of the New 3DS but the C stick makes the experience more comfortable. The graphics are the most important point in this portable incursion, with the same quality that we can see in Ocarina of Time, improving almost everything and without leaving the design patent in the original, something that will leave fans very satisfied.

Dropping this monkey is one of the quests in the first dungeon.

The greater stability of the stereoscopic 3D effect also benefits the graphic quality, as players will be more tempted to play with the 3D effect at its maximum. It also returns the movement system through the gyroscope, both to observe the surroundings and to shoot from weapons that Link can equip like the bow. Another novelty is the possibility to record the progression in more points, at the entrance of the dungeons and intermediate access areas to the “dungeons”, allowing a faster and more fluid navigation, by the way very useful due to the limitation of 52 minutes corresponding to 3 days.

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The launch of Majora’s Mask on the 3DS, accompanied by the New 3DS, the best laptop for playing, brings some justice to a classic that is still as good as the title that preceded it in the series. On Nintendo 64 the game only ran with the Expansion Pack, more memory for some games. But with this renewed, luminous and three-dimensional graphics, there is no way to pass by the darkest and most mysterious Legend of Zelda. Soon our verdict.

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