Ocarina of Time 3D was the first game in the The Legend of Zelda series to make the remastering board. As one of the most iconic and emblematic games in the series (for many the best), its remastering for 3DS made it possible for Nintendo to retouch it and provide it with a more appealing graphic aspect, while continuing to fascinate and enchant its gameplay and structure. If the presentation in 3D graphics was one of the dominant notes of the game, the Wind Waker for the Nintendo Wii U is the first game in the series to enter high definition. I confess that I would prefer to see this feat at 1080p entrusted to the new Zelda that fans look forward to, but with Skyward Sword still so triumphant, epic and with an innovative and solid controller system, nothing like taking up this “break” for the new production , with another imposing game in the series. Wind Waker was the successor to Majora’s Mask (Nintendo 64) and the first in the series to reach GameCube. Aesthetically bold due to the cel-shade visuals, which give it a degree of sui generis animation, as if it were an animated film, it marked a new direction for the series that would find developments in Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks, two games developed for Nintendo DS that made use of the same artistic direction.

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By delivering Wind Waker HD to Wii U, Nintendo stands out as a console producer that develops more games for its systems. But is Wind Waker HD on Wii U not just another contribution in the recent trend for remastering, or is it that in the move to high definition, there are some more elements, in addition to the graphics, that make Link’s adventure more exciting, appealing and definitive?

The moment of the farewell to Outset Island. A new journey begins.

It must be recognized that when Nintendo launched it in 2003, it kept the bar high. Passionate about artistic direction, full of dungeons, challenges and an exploration structure based on an innovative element, the boat quickly jumped to the top of the fans’ preferences, who even now continue to review in the remarkable artistic direction one of the most valued and determining points for the success of the game. It is true that today there are ways to obtain an improved graphic signal from the GameCube version (if you put the scart cable aside), but for those who do not have this “upscale” system, as soon as we see the scene of the game’s introduction in this HD version, it is impossible not to feel two feelings; the nostalgia and the folk-inspired theme, as well as an overwhelming feeling for all that degree of resolution and detail that add particular emphasis to each scene.

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With more textures, shadows, light sources and an additional resolution that accentuates the small details, as if to three-dimensionalize the game, seeing the classic fully occupy the TV screen is a realization that pays tribute to the original production. However, this is not a remastering that relies solely on the visuals. The third person perspective control is much more permissive, making it easier to observe the environment around Link when we want to better explore the scenario. Without ever losing sight of the artistic direction of the original, we can say that in this HD version, Wind Waker becomes the definitive version. Even for those who played the classic (my save at GameCube still marks 2005 and precedes the final fight with Ganon), all these years later it is a revisit that operates successfully and that demonstrates how the Aonuma team has maintained the high standard of series quality. Afterwards, the producers made some arrangements within the quests in order to avoid some saturation that happened at a more advanced stage of the adventure. And having from the GamePad the perfect command for choosing items, observing the map and other options, we quickly realized that this game is little more than a mere cosmetic arrangement. Of course, it is the same game; because there is no new content. However, the great merit is to put the classic in line with the production standard of the new generation, which places this game as a priority for those who have never played the classic. But even those who know and played the classic will be encouraged to experience this admirable adventure once again, in a unique world.

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The Legend of Zelda Wind Waker, respects many of the elements that gave depth and specialty to Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask. As the third game to continue an open world totally in three dimensions and with a vast area at our disposal for us to explore it without restrictions, the great distinctive element, with a reflection on the forms of exploration, is precisely the sea, the great sea. Completely covering the continent where Hyrule was located, only islands remained. Islands inhabited by different tribes (Goron, Korok and Rito), from which three spirits stand out: the dragon Valoo, The Deku Tree and Jabun, magnificently recreated.

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The story of Wind Waker is the legend of Zelda; a story that is rewritten. According to the tale that passed between generations to the point of becoming legend, there was a young boy dressed in green who traveled in time to save Hyrule from a tragic fate. Restoring peace and returning prosperity to the kingdom, he became known as the hero of the time. Now, the evil that was imprisoned, has freed itself again. Hopeless in the return of the hero of the time it takes to reappear, the inhabitants believe that the ritual that takes young boys of the same age as the hero who traveled in time, dressed in green, can give them the new hero they need so much. .

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The cannon installed on the boat allows you to fight back the enemies’ attacks.

The player is once again Link (if you choose that name), a young boy who lives with his grandmother and sister on the amazing Outset Island. Until he finds out that he is chosen by the goddess to defend the world and rescue Princess Zelda from Ganon’s hands, Link will begin by freeing his sister from captivity (abducted by a large bird), in the Forsaken Fortress. They are two distinct segments of the game. At first, Link is not yet recognized as the hero. This only happens after reaching the Master Sword, available to the young person who has the courage and courage necessary to face evil.

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Wind Waker offers new characters, of which Princess Zelda stands out. As characters in a narrative that operates the recreation of the legend, the great sea brought with it the young pirate Tetra, an orphan and captain of a pirate ship. It is she who starts by accompanying Link to the Forsaken Fortress, the base of the forces of evil that operate in this world. Although the relationship that Link will have with Tetra is crucial, the practicality of the relationship that Link develops right from the start with The King of Red Lions, translates into the possibility of moving by boat between the islands, as long as there are good winds.

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