The Mandalorian Part 7 Critique – Waiting Knights.

Just when many would have lowered their expectations, the series set in the old-old galaxy deftly steers back into the mainstream to embed the season finale.

While this week, and especially today, is all about how the latest movie from the “big” Star Wars saga performs, let’s not forget the fate of the sweetest ears in Mandalor and the world either. Disney also brought this week’s dose of baby Yoda in advance because of the movie screening, which I was curious to tell the truth about, and I suspect, not alone. After the refreshingly fresh and well-hit exposure of the first few parts, with all the fanservice and freedom, you could feel that the series was flattening, and the episodes that were correct as a style sketch did not carry the main thread of the story.

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The Mandalorian Part 7 Critique – Waiting Knights

Although we don’t have an explicit goal in the critique, there will certainly be spoiler moments in this article as well, so let’s just move on cautiously from here on out.

Luckily, the creators didn’t play with our patience anymore, we went back to the mainstream. Following the “every part is another, independent ministerial” principle, we get the peers we met in an earlier episode and a beat that could even project the end of the story – which it was time for, as the next part coming next Friday will be the season finale.

The Mandalorian Part 7 Critique – Waiting Knights

Although the narrators have played chess well so that they can comfortably tell a complete event even in the relatively short episode game time, things have now visibly accelerated, and by the time we reach the end of the 38 minutes allotted today, we can shake our heads a bit, we everything happened. But there was also a need for speed (as the English would say, need for speed, sorry …) as we had to lead up to next week’s finale, of course with a stomach-clamping cliffhanger, as you might have guessed.

It was good to see, however, how comfortably they could incorporate elements that even referred to the classic (IV-VI) parts into the story of the canon only sideways, but the black armored, “new-generation” assault squads (whom we’ve seen in Rogue One anyway) and through the striking Moff Gideon (Giancarlo Esposito), as expected, the First Order, already evolving from the ruins of the Empire, and the latest cinematic trilogy are also projected. Anyone who, on the other hand, expected that the premature presentation of this week’s Mando episode, brought two days in advance due to Skywalker’s early performance, would also have to see this because of some connection that directly links the series ’events to the film.

The Mandalorian Part 7 Critique – Waiting Knights

The final showdown, which can be guessed from both the structure of this part and the cliffhanger, may give us some loose connections to the age of Skywalker next week – I have a very sanda guess that might end the current season of The Mandalorian a little sadly, but I’ll keep that to myself in December Until 27. In any case, the dynamics of the series have tipped in the right direction again with this episode, and frankly I’m much more excited to escape a still faceless bounty hunter and a green rubber puppet than Rey-Finn-Poe, etc., who is very much named and has been bitten over the years. for his well-being, and that says a lot.

There are some more interesting beats for today’s part that may not be elaborated this season, but next year. One of them, for example, is that with a tiny moment, Yodamanó’s ultracookiness has now been nuanced, for in addition to showing the healing Jedi power he had previously swung, he also sprinkled a power trick seen only on the dark side. They haven’t pulled it over yet, but it’s all thought-provoking on a level where, if this line is taken further, perhaps the black-and-white of the whole Star Wars series “good is very good, evil and very evil” could be made more natural after decades. and carve more believable. Then, of course, it may be that only I think beyond the whole thing and today’s power demonstration was nothing more than a gag, in any case I would personally be happy with such a “serious” line for the whole universe as well.

The Mandalorian Part 7 Critique – Waiting Knights

Bottom line: we’ve tipped back to the excitement and mainstream of the story just in time, and a lot will depend on what they start with the heightened expectations in the last part between the two holidays. It’s directed by Taika Waititi, by the way, who isn’t far from form-breaking ideas anyway — she’s already made a clown out of a vampire and a stupid god of Asgard — so if Disney allows it, it might even come as a surprise rarely with Star Wars licenses and brakes overall. I’m standing in front of you.