The Medium is a horror game set in two different dimensions, one real and a much more terrifying alternative. Needless to say, this is a title that takes a lot of inspiration from the well known silent Hill.

So much inspiration, in fact, that the developers of Bloober Team they even managed to get Akira Yamaoka as a composer. For the uninitiated, this is the historic musician who worked in Silent Hill.

Both Yamaoka and his fellow composer for The Medium, Arkadiusz Reikowski, were interviewed at the Tokyo Game Show 2020, currently broadcast in digital format, where they had the opportunity to talk about their experience and the possibilities offered by the next-gen.

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According to what Reikowski said, music will play an important role in The Medium, even claiming that it covers a new level of importance and interpretation, almost on a par with subtitles:

There are times when you will see two things simultaneously in The Medium, the spiritual world and the real world at the same time. Music will coexist between these two worlds. Audio, especially spatial audio, in the new generation of consoles is quite powerful. Between sounds and music, what players will hear will be truly immersive. We have two listeners, two worlds, so it’s like there are two games running at the same time. There are several tricks and gimmicks at play that would be impossible to recreate without the audio technology we now have.“.

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Reikowski also took the opportunity to praise Yamaoka’s work on Silent Hill:

One of the reasons Japanese horror is so popular in the West is because it is a very personal psychological terror. Most horror music is pretty generic, Hollywood surprised the world with scary twists and orchestras, but Yamaoka-san’s work in Silent Hill is much more subtle and intimate, it’s very different but it works great even today.“.

Yamaoka, in response, praised his partner equally, as he does not feel he deserves the status of “legend” that many try to give him (interviewer included):

I’ve always said that, but I’m not some kind of legend. After working on Silent Hill, I said ‘Really? Have I inspired so many people? ‘ It’s way too extreme for me, although honestly, I feel very honored. What I have with Reikowski is a partnership like Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross. We were able to work together as if we were a band, hoping to create something new and interesting. I really enjoyed working with him, but I found it equally enjoyable to play the new title we created and I hope everyone is able to enjoy it.“.

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Recall that The Medium will be released on Xbox Series X / S and Steam by the end of 2020.

Source: IGN

Source : Reddit