The Mini NES – Where can it still be bought?.

The Nintendo Classic Mini: Nintendo Entertainment System is extremely popular at the moment and is actually nowhere to be found for a normal price. Apparently everyone wants to experience the nostalgic games of yesteryear and that is why the Mini NES is sold out in every Dutch store. Fernando is figuring out where to find the small NES.

The Nintendo Classic Mini: Nintendo Entertainment System is almost completely sold out and it is not clear when Nintendo will ship another batch to the shops. That is why I started looking for the rare few places where you can still get the Mini NES for a reasonable price.

The Mini NES – Where can it still be bought?

The Mini NES in Dutch (web) stores

As far as the large retail chains in the Netherlands are concerned, there is only bad news: there is almost no Mini NES in stock anymore. You can place a pre-order almost anywhere, but you don’t have a guarantee that you will receive one. That’s partly due to the device’s unprecedented popularity, but also its scarcity. Nintendo has produced too few Mini Nintendo Entertainment Systems to meet the demand, so that every Dutch store is now without. If you want to play it safe and buy from a trusted store, you can make a reservation or get a notification at the following stores:

  • (CoolBlue)
  • Bart Smit
  • YourGameZone

According to the Media Markt website, there are still one or more Mini NES available at some stores; at the time of writing, these are the branches in Alphen a / d Rijn, Bergen op Zoom and Assen. Bright was told by a Nintendo spokesman that stocks in the Netherlands are only replenished in small numbers. Only between Sinterklaas and Christmas will big new deliveries come to our little country and then you probably have a good chance of getting a Nintendo Classic Mini: Nintendo Entertainment System.

The Mini NES – Where can it still be bought?

Second-hand Nintendo Classic Mini: Nintendo Entertainment Systems

Because we are only a few days after release and the supply is much lower than the demand, there are mainly scalpers (people who buy up large stocks to sell them for a higher price) on resale websites. It’s not strange to pay more than double for a Mini NES at the moment, if you insist on one. If you want to pay a reasonable price, it is best to search within your circle of friends, or via social media, possibly via a sales page. Otherwise you can of course go to the sites that I already mentioned in my article about the PS4 Pro, such as Tweakers and Budgetgaming. Also check your favorite gaming forum or community and ask around if anyone has one, because with the prices you now see online, buying locally is almost always better.

The Mini NES in foreign stores

If you are not waiting to be ripped off in second-hand sales and have no patience for the Dutch sites, you can always turn to abroad. In Germany many Gamestop stores still have a Mini NES, in Belgium and France the same applies as in the Netherlands: nowhere online and only in local shops you are sometimes lucky that there is a Nintendo Classic Mini: Nintendo Entertainment System. A brief inventory at American and British web shops shows the same: Nintendo has not been able to supply enough to meet the demand.

The Mini NES – Where can it still be bought?

Have you spotted a Mini NES somewhere at your local gameshop or an obscure online store? Let us know in the comments below! If a webshop has stock again, we will of course update this article.