The Mint of Gdańsk prepares coins with a cyberpunk motif


The Mint of Gdańsk prepares coins with a cyberpunk motif

  • Pre-sale of the coin with a cyberpunk theme is underway on the website of the Mint of Gdańsk.
  • Its creation was 500 pieces, one was valued at PLN 1499.
  • Earlier, the Gdańsk Mint launched a series of coins with motifs from the stories about the witcher Geralt by Andrzej Sapkowski.
  • The premiere of Cyberpunk 2077, which took place on December 10 last year, caused quite a stir. The latest work of the CD Projekt RED studio was on the lips not only of industry media, but also general media, and despite some controversies related primarily to the technical condition, it turned out to be a huge commercial success. It certainly influenced the popularity of the cyberpunk itself as well. The Mint of Gdańsk decided to take advantage of this, which is preparing a series of collector’s coins The Punk Universe. They are to be inspired by the dark future characteristic of this genre.

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    Pre-sale the first such coin – the New Zealand dollar from Niue Island worth 5 – is already underway. According to the current plans (which may change, however), it is to debut on April 30 this year. As we read in the official description of money, it will be able to boast of a multitude of three-dimensional details and a rich color palette. Moreover, it will be covered with a fluorescent substance, thanks to which it will glow in the dark. This is to further emphasize the futurism of the coin. You can admire the design of both the reverse and the obverse below.

    Cyberpunk Where is the future?

    Source: The Mint of Gdańsk

    The Mint of Gdańsk prepares coins with a cyberpunk motif

    You like this? Unfortunately, if you would like to have this coin in your collection, you have to consider two things. First, it is a very limited product. Only 500 of them will be created, 250 of which will go to fans and 250 to the market. Secondly, it is quite a valuable item. It costs PLN 1499.

    After purchase, collectors will receive a special certificate confirming its authenticity together with a coin with a cyberpunk theme. The set also includes a wooden box in which you can store your purchase.

    It is worth noting that this is not the first time that the Mint of Gdańsk has released coins to the market, the creation of which to a greater or lesser extent inspired the productions of the CD Projekt RED studio. In November 2019, to the market came in first money with scenes known from Andrzej Sapkowski’s stories about the witcher Geralt. According to, the value of one issue has approached PLN 5.5 million. They have spread almost like a log and today, on the secondary market, the price of some of them is nearly 50% higher.

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