Infinite Loop is the daily podcast of Apple sphere, published Monday to Friday at 7:00 am (Spanish Peninsula time), in which we talk about Apple and its competition seen through the prism of the Cupertino company. This is a ten-minute podcast, presented by Javier Lacort and edited by Santi Araújo.

These are the five episodes of this week, you can listen to them entirely from this same page.

# 206: Search engine is missing

The deal by which Google appears as the default search engine on iOS, which reaches around $ 10 billion a year, is likely to be canceled, according to analyst Toni Saconaghi. A scenario in which starting your own search engine, perhaps previously buying DuckDuckGo, would close the privacy circle for Apple. Only the search engine is missing.

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# 207: Amazon vs. the world

Have you considered how far Amazon’s tentacles go? Its list of products, platforms and services is growing and it increasingly competes with Apple in increasingly different segments.

# 208: What about AirPods

“A plan on a planetary scale” in which there is one factor that definitely needs to change to be consistent: what about AirPods.

# 209: the 12 Apple Affiliates

A review of Apple’s 12 subsidiaries, beyond those specifically associated with countries or regions.

# 210: Renew or wait

The classic question of whether to renew a device or wait for its update to arrive is already difficult in itself, especially with Macs. And with the transition to Apple Silicon, it can be more difficult than ever, especially during the transition period.

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