The most interesting electronic gadgets for this summer.

With the arrival of summer, vacations are approaching for everyone. And it’s the perfect time to indulge yourself. That electronic gadget that you’ve been wanting all year and never quite knew when to buy. Well, you’re in luck because most online stores are now launching their summer offers, so you no longer have any excuses.

To fly indoors

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy electronic gadgets. And you can start it great by learning to fly your own low-priced drone with this JJRX H36, a drone with four powerful motors, practically unbreakable, which is the perfect gadget if you want to enter the exciting world of drones.

The most interesting electronic gadgets for this summer

This drone works by radio frequency in the 2.4 GHz band with four reception channels to avoid interference from other devices that use that band. It has 6 axes of movement. Its size is very small, fitting perfectly in our hand.

A complete remote control is also included with the drone to be able to operate it up to a distance of 30 m from the transmitter.

The most interesting electronic gadgets for this summer

The JJRC H36 drone costs €6.99

To not move a finger in the house

Although it is also possible that you do not want to do anything at all during the summer. Well, to make it easier for you to clean your house, there is the Xiaomi Mi vacuum cleaner. Inspired by the famous Roomba models, this robot vacuum cleaner will leave the floor of your house clean as a whistle in a very short time and without you having to do anything at all.

The most interesting electronic gadgets for this summer

The vacuum cleaner is equipped with three processors that are capable of mapping the floor of your home and calculating the most efficient route to clean it. Once calculated, the vacuum cleaner will start up and do all the work itself. Although we can also decide what is the best time to do the cleaning (at night, at noon, whenever we want). The Xiomi Mi is controlled from a free application. that is installed on our Android mobile.

The Xiaomi Mi costs only €289.24.

The most interesting electronic gadgets for this summer

to go for a run

Although it is also true that many people take advantage of the summer to get in shape. Well, for this, the best thing is the Y2 Plus smart bracelet. This smart bracelet has a pedometer installed that will allow us to know the distance we have walked, as well as a heart rate sensor.

But it is not only used for this since it also has more features associated with it, such as a function to remember alarms and calls that we can receive on our mobile phone, to which it connects using Bluetooth 4.0. The touch screen used by the Y2 Plus has a size of 0.87 inches and uses a 60 mAh battery, which will provide us with a total of 25 days of autonomy with the bracelet on standby.

The Y2 Plus smart bracelet costs €10.67

The most interesting electronic gadgets for this summer

To have everything controlled from your mobile

Since we have a smart vacuum cleaner and a smart bracelet, the smartest thing to do is to control everything from your mobile. And what better mobile to do it than the Vernee Thor E. And it is that the latest terminal from this Chinese brand has really taken the market by surprise, creating a compact and tremendously functional terminal.

And it is that, apart from using an eight-core processor and 3 GB of RAM, the greatest asset of this terminal is that it uses a 5,020 mAh battery. Such a huge battery size (with fast charging I have to add) makes it the perfect terminal for those people who value, above all else, the autonomy of their terminal. Not to mention that the mobile has an electronic ink simulation mode that allows the battery to be extended up to 24 extra hours when we are almost without charge.

The Vernee Thor E costs only €106.79

The most interesting electronic gadgets for this summer

These and many other electronic gadgets can be found in the summer promotion of the GearBest Spain store. And do not forget that, since you are buying it in Spain, you will have the two-year guarantee established by Spanish Law.