From Japan MacOtakara continues to provide us with information on future releases by Apple. Last week we talked about the iPad Pro mini-LED and the design of the iPad, today we talk about the second generation of the AirPods Pro, as well as the third generation of the iPhone SE. According to the media, both products would be presented this coming April.

The AirPods Pro case and the iPhone SE generation

From what we know so far, the new AirPods Pro will evolve their design to make it more compact. According to some rumors Apple would shorten even more or simply remove the “leg” of the headphones and focus on a more rounded form factor. Incidentally, the AirPods (without Pro) would then inherit the design of the current Pro, although we still doubt whether they will be in-ear.

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Beyond these details we have relatively little information, and this is where MacOtakara comes to offer its bit. In addition to the launch date, today’s report focuses on the design of the AirPods Pro charging case. According to the Japanese media, the new case would maintain 21 millimeters in thickness, but would go from 45.2 high to 46 and from 60.6 wide to 54. With this change the case would therefore become more square than rectangular, a movement that can confirm the change in design of the headphones themselves, although we will still have to wait for a clearer image.

As for the iPhone SE, the rumor also focuses on the date: April 2021. It also offers an interesting detail. In the report referred to as “iPhone SE 3”, that is to say the third generation. Which rather does not coincide with the idea that Apple could launch a variant larger than the current SE.

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In any case we know that the spring of this 2021 will be hectic for Apple. Since last year we have been expecting many launches, including AirTags, a new Apple TV, AirPods Pro, AirPods, a new iPad, a new iPad Pro, etc. An interesting list, no doubt.