Videos have become an indispensable part of the Internet in recent years. Sites like YouTube, Google Video and Vimeo have become indispensable in the daily use of the Internet. Over the years, gamers have also become increasingly accustomed to using videos to see their latest games. To meet this growing demand, today we are presenting our new video player and site.

The main change is of course the fact that the way videos and screenshots are organized on the first page has changed. Under Articles and News, you will now find four videos which can be considered the most important videos of the last day (s). Click that nice white play button and the video will play on the same screen. It’s beautiful, isn’t it? Of course, these four videos change regularly.

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Below these four large images, you will see a row of smaller images. These are also videos, and these are the very latest videos that we have at our disposal.

But that’s not all, because on you will find our updated video site, which is now more in line with our main page.

You can find all our videos here. You can make a very clear distinction between the different types of videos. For example, we will now pay a lot of attention to gameplay videos. We’re no longer dependent on what editors send us for gameplay footage. No, our secret headquarters now contains the latest gear for creating your own gameplay footage, and we’ll do it in depth!

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We will have new footage straight from games ready for you almost every day, so is now definitely the place to be for all your video content.

In addition to the gameplay footage, you can also choose from Eurogamer videos – in-house content like interviews -, Trailers – anything from the editors themselves -, Developer Diaries – hear what the developer has to say – and Digital Foundry – our technicians take a closer look at the performance of games and engines.

Screenshots are now slightly down on the homepage, but videos say a lot more about a game than a few images.

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By the way, videos and screenshots will always be placed in between regular news, so don’t worry!

If you have any issues, have any advice, or just want to give us a digital pat on the shoulder, you can always email us!

Source : IGN