The new God of War could have been based on the Warhammer universe: 40,000.

Cory Barlog Exclusively Reveals Early Ideas for GoW IV

Original design of Kratos in God of War IV

Cory Barlog has contacted the writing of SamaGame Today to give the exclusive of one of the first ideas that emerged for the story of God of War IV: a crossover with the universe of Warhammer: 40000.

“The idea came up one night at twenty past four, when we were all smoking weed… I mean, eating pizza. Great pizza, by the way, some of the best I’ve ever had. We needed ideas for a new Kratos adventure, and in the moment when Stig Asmussen he ripped the head off one of the prostitutes for his daily tribute to khorne, we came up with the perfect idea: to bring Kratos into the Warhammer universe. It was difficult, but we got to it. The first thing was how to link the story with God of War III, and it occurred to us that Kratos, by killing all the gods of Olympus and just leaving Chaos, automatically became a new God of chaos, God of War. Do you catch it? Just like the title of the game! I know that you did not expect it?

The new God of War could have been based on the Warhammer universe: 40,000

The thing is that as soon as the Warp absorbed him like a Kirby feeding on enemies, he gave himself such a blow to the head against a C’tan (we have prepared this video-summary for those of you who don’t know what a C’tan is) who passed by, who remained in a coma for forty thousand years, floating between Chaos demons and followers of Slaneesh who covered him with something more than ash. As soon as he wakes up and cleans himself up a bit, Khorne gets pissed off (what a surprise) because he’s got competition as God of War, and well, when someone gets pissed off at Kratos, we all know what happens. From there Kratos begins to load servants of chaosInquisitors who want to purge him for being a God of Chaos, Orkoz who hurt their poor ears with their “z’s” and their “k’s” and other xeno hogwash of the Warhammer who has nothing better to do than pick on a guy who’s already killed an entire pantheon by himself.

We had even thought of the magic that you get in the game, one for each God of Chaos: with that of Khorne the enemies start to scream like mad and attack you with it triple strength (yes, we admit it, it was not very useful); that of Nurgle infect an enemy with Saint Vitus dance and can’t stop dancing until it’s over; that of Tzeench doesn’t do anything to anyone, but two hours into the game a projectile appears from somewhere and kills all the enemies on screen while Kratos drinks a Martini and says “Just as I planned”, and the Slaneesh… I’m not going to talk about Slaneesh because this can be seen by people under 4500 years old. I will only say that it includes jellya lightbulb and a fat, elongated plastic object.

The new God of War could have been based on the Warhammer universe: 40,000

We had everything ready, but in the end Games Workshop he refused to allow the project to go ahead. They told us that they didn’t like the story because it didn’t have enough Exterminatus, and that under no circumstances would they allow scenes like the ones we had in mind for Slaneesh’s magic to be shown on anyone’s screen on the planet. Bunch of softies… Anyway, in the end we had to make do with that of the son and kill Nordic myths with a clean ax. Wow, a bigger disappointment than No Man’s Sky, Mighty No. 9 and Atari’s ET combined.”

So far the statements of the director of the new title of Sony Santa Monica. And of course, after knowing this information, we can’t help but ask ourselves the following question: Has Games Workshop done well in rejecting the project, or has it been the worst of mistakes? What do you think, faithful readers and holoseers?

The new God of War could have been based on the Warhammer universe: 40,000

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