We continue with more rumors of the new year. This time it’s up to the future generation of iPhone, which for now we have dubbed iPhone 13. According to the Japanese site MacOtakara, although the design of the device is practically identical to the iPhone 12 a couple of important changes are expected: the size of the notch and the rear camera group.

Less notch and a simplified camera module

According to the MacOtakara report, the height and length of the new iPhone 13 will remain the same as that of the previous generation, but thickness will increase by 0.26mm. Along with this change, the rear camera module will increase in size by 0.9 mm and the design of the lenses will change.

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Until now the individual lenses are framed within the main module, but with the arrival of the iPhone 13 this could change. A sapphire crystal cover would cover the entire module and the lenses would be protected under it. A very similar change to the one we discussed a few days ago for the iPad Pro (2021) camera module. This change could be accompanied by sensor stabilization that would reach all iPhones with the Pro surname, instead of being reserved for Pro Max as in the current generation.

As for the TrueDepth system, the medium expects it to become narrower thanks to the speaker on the top could move to the edge of the frame. The truth is that it is already the second time that we hear rumors of a reduction in the size of the notch in the next generation of iPhone. A reduction that, without changing its width, would reduce its vertical dimension.

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It seems that Apple has quite a few new features prepared for the new iPhone 13. If we add to these design changes the arrival of LTPO screens, 12Hz support and the new A15 chips, it is clear that we will be facing a really attractive model.