The new Monster Hunter World update is loaded with new features.

Those of you who are immersed in the massive title of Capcom who’s been hitting it lately, Monster Hunter World, you’re in luck. And it is that a new patch has seen the light today, the 2.00 for PlayStation 4 and for Xbox One. Brings a lot of interesting news that will give a new blow to the expected spring event which will take place between April 6 and 19.

True, the patch improvements are important, but the highlight is the new monster available, the terrible Deviljho. The Deviljho is a very important monster within the Monster Hunter franchise. It is a large dinosaur, somewhat similar to the Anjanath of this new installment, but much more fierce and dangerous. To access its mission we will have to first find it.

The new Monster Hunter World patch is now available to download and brings many improvements

When we access the game the first time after installing the patch we will see that a new tab appears on the board called “Special missions”. You must embark on a high-ranking expedition and go to the area where the icon of mysterious monster, and follow some rare footprints that have appeared. In my case it came out in the rotten valley, but it can vary. Once you find it, you can try to beat it or go to the camp. There, if you talk to him Laughing Scholar, will take you to see the commander. Talk to the scholar again and he will give you the quest “The king of the food chain”.

The new Monster Hunter World update is loaded with new features

As for the rest of the improvements and changes, there have been quite a few important ones:

  • Greatsword: The damage of the charged attack has been increased.
  • Katana: Improved entry time in spirit mode.
  • Sword and shield: Sling usage improved and shield hit damage increased.
  • Hammer: Stun index setting.
  • Bagpipe: The attack is increased in general.
  • Gun throw: Wyvern fire damage increased and the edge drops less when shooting.
  • Spear: Its handling is improved.
  • Sword Ax: The number of combos has been increased and the loss of sharpness reduced when using elemental power.
  • Glaive: Increased damage and extraction effect.
  • Loaded ax: Loading is improved.
  • Dual swords: Demon Mode duration increased.
  • Arc: Improved handling.
  • Crossbows: They have not touched.

In addition to all these changes, the connectivity and some interface functions have been improved. Also now you can expel players from your game, (if you are the leader). A great patch to improve this game. Are you going hunting this week?

The new Monster Hunter World update is loaded with new features