The new Samsung Galaxy S22 models: what can we expect?.

The new Samsung Galaxy S22 models, the S22, the S22 Plus and the S22 Ultra, are said to be presented on February 8. They would be available ten days later. What do we know about the latest Samsung models so far?

Super bright display

The S22 models are equipped with a 6.06 inch AMOLED screen and therefore a fraction smaller than the screen of the S21 models (6.2 inch). The phones are said to have ‘the brightest display yet’. There are rumors about a screen with a brightness of 1600 nits. This is a lot more than what used to be the brightest: the 1200 nits screen of iPhones.

The new Samsung Galaxy S22 models: what can we expect?

Three cameras with enhanced autofocus

The Samsung Galaxy S22 gets three cameras on the back, a regular camera with 50 megapixels, a 12-megapixel camera with wide-angle lens and a 10-megapixel camera with telephoto lens.

Reportedly, the new models from Samsung will receive an ISOCEL GN5 image sensor, which makes the speed of the autofocus a lot higher. Thanks to Samsung’s own dual-pixel technology, the image sensor can capture more light information and your photos will be sharper, even in the dark and in poor light.

The new Samsung Galaxy S22 models: what can we expect?

The camera island will protrude somewhat, so that you cannot lay the S22 models flat on the table without a phone case. The S22 also gets an improved 8K video recording. Good news for people who like to take pictures and film with their smartphone!

45W wired and reverse wireless charging

The new Samsung Galaxy S phones will have a plastic housing. This gives them a less luxurious look, but they are lighter and more practical to use. The S22 gets a 5000 mAh battery that supports 45 Watt Fast Charge wired charging. This is better than with the S21 Ultra, which only allowed you to charge with 25 Watts of Fast Charge.

The new Samsung Galaxy S22 models: what can we expect?

Unfortunately, the new Samsung Galaxy S22 models are supplied without a charging plug. The phones still include a USB-C to USB-C cable to connect the smartphone to a charging plug.

It will also be possible to charge wirelessly in reverse. This means that you can charge one device with another device that has Qi support.

The new Samsung Galaxy S22 models: what can we expect?

1 terabyte storage capacity

According to the rumors, the S22, like the S21, will have a minimum RAM of 8GB and a storage capacity of 128GB. The S21 is also available in a model with 256GB of memory. The Samsung Galaxy S22+ and the S22 Ultra would even get a storage memory of 1TB.

Unfortunately, as with previous Samsung models, you probably cannot expand the storage capacity with a Micro SD card, so if you want more internal memory, you will have to go for the S22+ or S22 Ultra. On this page you will find the full range of Samsung Galaxy models.