The tactical shooter receives a major update with new maps, weapons and military equipment

Wishlist Games has just released the first season of its World War 3 tactical shooter and has ended the game’s open beta with it. In Operation Redline, new maps of the border between the two Koreas (referred to as the DMZ, or Korean Demilitarized Zone), and the Chinese Gobi Desert offer players new and realistic maps to fight on, and new military equipment from the South Korean and Chinese armies.

World War 3 is an online tactical FPS developed by Polish studio The Farm 51, also known for Chernobylite and Get Even. Players face off in exciting team combat where they will be able to drive tanks and various vehicles in which they will be able to use drones to survey the battlefield and launch tactical attacks. Up to 40 players can fight in two main game modes: Tactical Ops and Deathmatch, with combat taking place on stunning, ultra-realistic maps. Assemble your team and fight on the streets of Warsaw, Berlin, Moscow, Polyarny, Smolensk, and now on the DMZ border and the Gobi desert.

The new season of World War 3 is now available

Operation Redline is the first Global Operation to come to World War 3. Global Operations are major seasonal content updates that add new Hotspots, nations, or locations to the title allowing for its continued growth with new content. Each Global Operation further expands the scope of the conflict by including new maps, features, game modes, weapons, attacks, and vehicles to offer more tactical possibilities for your team. Operation Redline is the first of 3 updates expected for World War 3. The rest will arrive in 2023. You can find more details about these updates in their roadmap that you can find on their official website.

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Operation Redline adds 3 maps from China and the Korean Peninsula to World War 3. Specifically, two new war scenarios arrive: the first is a hectic map perfect for Team Deathmatch mode, which takes place in the Gobi desert; the second, a replica map of the current border between the two Koreas, ideal for playing in Tactical Ops mode. In addition to the new maps, players will be able to unlock new blueprints, more weapons, vehicles, and equipment from the Republic of Korea 707th Special Operations Regiment and the People’s Liberation Army of China.

Note: All blueprints for the new equipment, weapons, and vehicles in Operation Redline can be unlocked through free in-game progression and do not require the purchase of a Battle Pass. In addition to the new content, developer Farm 51 has finalized a host of new features and enhancements; These include, among others, more realistic collision and movement systems, improvements to player health bar visibility, the ability to reload in different positions, and vehicle spawn improvements.

World War 3 is a free to play game. With the start of Operation Readline, players can also purchase a Battle Pass containing exclusive rewards. By completing challenges, players unlock over 50 tiers of free and premium rewards, including exclusive new customization options for their operatives, weapons, and more.