Despite having solutions such as Google Family Link so that parents can control the content that children use on their smartphone and tablet, Google has launched ‘Kids Space’, a new space dedicated to the little ones, in order to show content that may be of interest to them.

Google thus defines ‘Kids Space’ as a new child mode for some Android tablets, which includes applications, books and videos for children. This new feature has been released exclusively with the new Lenovo Tab M10 HD and Smart Tab M10 HD tablets, as well as the new Lenovo Tab 11 Pro, although it is indicated “soon” will be available for more Android tablets.

A dedicated space for the little ones

Google Kids Space is a specific mode for children that will be included in Android tablets, starting with those recently presented by Lenovo. It is a selection of content for the little ones, specifically, various libraries of children’s books, apps and games. Google emphasizes that the selection of content has been done with great care and that we will be able to download more content for that collection.

the new space for games, applications and other children’s content for Android tablets

At the interface level, the space combines a childish aspect with Google’s Material interface, with different differentiated spaces: Home, games, books, videos and crafts. In each section, the selection of contents is shown, all of them, in principle, available for free download.

A Google account will be required so that we can use this section, as well as the installation of YouTube Kids and Play Books to access various of the contents of the application. In short, a content agglutinator for the little ones, with the aim of making it easier to find videos, apps and games to entertain them.