The Trump administration intensifies its veto of Chinese manufacturers. Mike Pompeo, Secretary of State of the US government, announced tonight the new Clean Network program with which he adds new restrictions on the use of Chinese technology. Measures that not only seek to prevent Chinese companies from entering the North American market, but also that North American companies stop collaborating with Chinese companies.

Clean Network will capture sections such as operators or submarine cable traffic, but it also has specific measures for application stores. In the statement from the United States it points directly to Huawei in the ‘Clean applications’ section.

Target: no North American app in AppGallery

This is the text offered by the statement:

“To prevent untrusted smartphone makers in the People’s Republic of China from pre-installing, or making available for download, trusted apps in their app store. Huawei, an arm of China’s surveillance state, is doing business with the innovations and reputations of leading US and foreign companies. These companies must remove their apps from the Huawei app store to make sure they don’t associate with a human rights abuser. “

In other words, North American companies should avoid associating with Chinese manufacturers such as Huawei and make sure your apps are not pre-installed or they are available in your app stores. This measure would close any possibility of finding applications such as WhatsApp or Instagram in the Huawei AppGallery in the future.

Following this measure, the Trump administration also closes the door to making Google applications available on the App Gallery, as hinted by Eric Xu, Huawei’s rotating president, in an interview with CNBC last April.

Of the top 100 most downloaded apps from Google Play, most are not found in the Huawei app store. With Clean Network, Trump administration puts pressure on app developers, demanding that they be the ones to make sure they don’t work with manufacturers like Huawei.

In response to Engadget, from Huawei they tell us that they have no comments in this regard.

The veto of Chinese software intensifies

Clean Network asks that Chinese applications and services that “untrustworthy” are also removed from app stores like Google Play. The text does not give more details and does not specify which applications would be affected, beyond those “apps of the Chinese Communist Party that violate privacy, spread viruses and display propaganda and disinformation.” This measure could affect such popular Chinese applications as Bytedance’s Tik Tok or games such as PUBG Mobile or Call of Duty: Mobile, which belong to the Chinese giant Tencent.

The new US veto is an attack on manufacturers like Huawei to prevent them from having North American apps like WhatsApp or Instagram in their store

Starting on September 20, five days after the deadline set by Microsoft to buy Tik Tok, these Chinese applications will be banned in the US following the executive order signed by Trump.

The new US ban affects messaging services such as WeChat and also includes cloud storage, to prevent sensitive data of US citizens from being stored on servers accessed by Chinese companies. In this last section, manufacturers like Xiaomi that have cloud services could be affected. From Xiaomi they have also chosen not to comment on the latest measures announced by the United States.

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The new US veto is an attack on manufacturers like Huawei to prevent them from having North American apps like WhatsApp or Instagram in their store