The meeting of was held today, June 7, 2022 The New Ways of Working, Learning, Living. An international event that explores the great changes taking place, from work practices to learning, lifestyles. A day of meetings with international experts, executive coaches, thought leaders, HR
managers and CEOs with the intention of understanding the transformations that are taking place in all
areas of life and to learn to develop new strategies of thought and action. The world is changing and we need to change with it. But how to do it best?

An international event full of meetings

The world in recent years has been subjected to big changes, that continue to change everyone’s habits, day after day. There are several factors that influence these transformations: the pandemic, the globalization of markets, technological innovation, political scenarios. In this very complex and unstable context. In general, most work, learning and lifestyle practices no longer work. The challenge of the moment is find new efficient models to adapt to the changes taking place.

The goal of the event

The New Ways of Working, Learning, Living has set itself the objective of exploring what is happening in three different areas: that of work, learning and living, proposing itself as meeting place for inspiration, dialogue, development and networking around the changes taking place.

Organized by asterys, global organization development company that works with the leaders of the most important multinational companies, the event saw experts discussing tools and methodologies able to facilitate the evolution of companies, offices, educational institutions and people eager to make an upgrade.

The topics discussed

Several talks have tried to explore new mind sets possible to meet today’s challenges. For example, the great passage from hierarchy to self-organization and the impact of the new paradigm on people and business. Among these, a conference held by Simona Liguoro, Human Resource Director of Nespresso. An attempt was also made to investigate new ways and approaches to make learning smarter both at an individual and group level. But the attention has also turned to the individual, with many food for thought on how life is evolving and what we can welcome the change in ours.

What emerged?

The focus of this international event was the Welfarein fact, it seems that human resources experts, coaches, counselors are turning their attention to the human and psychological side of individuals, in order to get the best out of each. If once it was the numbers that counted, now we are looking for approaches that integrate the achievement of work and training goals and personal satisfaction.

There has been talk of self-governance with Simona Liguoro of Nespresso and the business model she applied to make employees more responsible and satisfied. We also heard about Stefano Petti’s Systemic Team Coaching and how to integrate all business roles into one system. Many interesting ideas also on new methods for attract talent through services for personal growth.

Work and learning experience were revalued. What was a duty is now proposed as a moment growth positive. Many interesting ideas have been offered to understand how to direct your business on a path that integrates greater productivity and team well-being. In the coming days we will tell you in detail some of the most interesting interventions.