Today the new edition of what is probably one of the most iconic gadgets of the Chinese firm Xiaomi, the Mi Band 5, goes on sale in Spain, which arrives as a sign of this portable, with a price content for what it offers and some new features that may invite you to take the leap in front of its predecessor the Mi Band 4, How is the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 different from the Mi Band 4?

Fiche technique: Xiaomi Mi Band 5 vs Mi Band 4




OLED 0.95 «tactile
240 x 120 pixels

OLED 1.1 «tactile
294 x 126 pixels


Mi Band 4 without NFC: 22.1 grams
Mi Band 4 with NFC: 22.2 grams

Mi Band 5 without NFC: 11.9 grams
Mi Band 5 with NFC: 12.1 grams


Mi Band 4 sans NFC: 135 mAh
Mi Band 4 with NFC: 125 mAh

125 mAh


Android 4.4 / iOS 9.0 or higher
Bluetooth 5.0
NFC optional

Android 5.0 / iOS 9.0 or higher
Bluetooth 5.0
NFC optional
Microphone (NFC version only)


Up to 50 meters underwater
5 ambiances

Up to 50 meters underwater
5 ambiances


Voice commands (NFC version only)
Six-axis accelerometer
PPG heart rate sensor

Smart assistant (NFC version only)
Six-axis accelerometer
PPG heart rate sensor (with infrared detection on NFC model)


34.99 euros (25.10 euros)

39,99 euros

Design: if something works, don’t touch it

Taking a quick glance, we see that Xiaomi repeats the formula with the Mi Band 5That is to say with a strap made of the same plastic material that offers the same sensations: both models are light, compact and with an aesthetic that evokes simplicity and functionality. As a bonus, this generation is available in 6 colors against 5 in the previous one.

One of the features of this inexpensive notebook from Xiaomi is that their bracelets are interchangeable, which allows you to adapt them to our style, which you can continue to do with the Mi Band 5. Also, if you had the previous model – or the previous one! – You can use his bracelets with this new model. It will suffice to remove the oval tablet that makes up the screen and the brain to integrate it into another strip.

Same design, same materials and also same water resistance up to 50 meters, thus allowing its use in the shower, the pool or the beach without major problem.

If we take a close look at the tablet, we will see that the screen is bigger, or what is the same, that the use of its dimensions is better… but in this we will dive into the next point.

The other the major change is the charging system: There is a magnetic connector to charge it, which in practice means you don’t have to remove it from the strap to fill your battery. In other words, the load is more comfortable.

Same tablet, more screen


If in the previous generation Xiaomi provided its screen with a color in a logical way of no return, it is now committed to taking better advantage of the dimensions of the bracelet by integrating a panel also of the OLED type, but slightly larger, especially 20% taller: from 0.95 inches to 1.1 inches.

That the screen is larger implies that it has possibility to host more information at a time. Another improvement that may go unnoticed but which we will greatly appreciate outdoors is the increase in brightness, as the Mi Band5 reaches 450 nits for the 400 nits of its predecessor.

It remains to be seen in a practical analysis whether these improvements are seen, both in high light scenarios and in the theoretical increase in comfort expected by increasing the screen, but with the Xiaomi images it can be seen that yes: there is more information.

More functional and sporty

Screenshot 2020 07 23 to 12 34 06

The Xiaomi Mi Band allows us to monitor our daily activity continuously thanks to its sensors, we are talking about sleep, steps or heart rate, both daily and in real time. With the Mi Band 5, Xiaomi wanted to debug its metrics, offering the phases of sleep and taking automatic pulse readings more frequently than in the Mi Band 4, so that the graphics and statistics are more accurate.

As a total novelty in the health section, with the fifth installment we can also do a monitor women’s healthso that we can control the menstrual cycle.

The all new Mi Band implements a Personal Activity Intelligence (PAI) feature that theoretically converts our heart rate records into a unique personal score for the purpose of assessing daily activity.

Regarding sport, with the Mi Band 5 up to eleven disciplines are collected, an overview of the six sports offered by Mi Band 4, listed below: elliptical machine, yoga, rowing machine, exercise bike, jump rope, treadmill, running, cycling, swimming, walking and free training.

And the NFC? A jug of cold water. In China, Xiaomi has launched the Mi Band 5 in two versions, with and without NFC, but at the moment only the model without a payment option is coming to Spain. A ray of light for optimists: a few weeks ago, Xiaomi opened the borders of the Mi Band 4 with NFC by marketing it in Russia, which paves the way for this to happen one day with the Mi Band 5.

A new feature that we are going to find in the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 is the possibility of filming our mobile remotely by implementing the function of remote control to take pictures.

… but less autonomy


In the battery section, there is good news and bad news. If there’s one thing about the Mi Band that stands out from the competition, it’s its great autonomy. The Xiaomi Mi Band 5 still has excellent theoretical figures for this type of laptop, but low theoretical autonomy: from the 20 days of Mi Band 4 to the 15. And in the same way as in our analysis of the Mi Band 4, this theoretical autonomy fell to about two weeks, we will have to see what its real autonomy looks like.

This decrease is expected, because while it likely implements newer and more efficient components, a larger panel and more measurements imply higher energy expenditure. And since the size has not changed, there is no room for a larger stack.

The good thing is that in order to charge the Mi Band 5 it will no longer be necessary to descale the tablet and place it in that proprietary charger that trailed the previous versions, but rather just use the magnetic connector, located at the back, to start loading.

More expensive, but still good value for money

Very high autonomy on the sidelines, another of the claims of the Xiaomi Mi Band is its high relationship between benefits and costs, a strategy that the Chinese brand maintains despite the gradual increase in its price.

So, if from the Mi Band 3 to the Mi Band 4 the increase was 5 euros, in this case it happened again: the new Xiaomi Mi Band 5 has a suggested retail price of 39.99 euros, or five euros more than the official Mi Band 4 price (although in practice we can find it cheaper even without resorting to import).

And is that despite this increase, these portable Xiaomi devices are still the most affordable price range compared to similar portable devices from other manufacturers, which means that in practice they remain solid, becoming the best option if we are looking for a cheap activity tracker.

Source : Engadget

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