The iPad Air that Apple presented at its last event is a very interesting mix. A quasi-iPad Pro on the outside, with a new A14 chip and with a cheaper price than the iPad Pro. landmarks as soon as these come out to compare the gross returns, but the general user will see the iPad Air and iPad Pro side by side and think:What difference is there between them?

And this is precisely where I want to go. I have no doubt that the differences between these two iPad models will exist and be tangible, but there are arguments to believe that the iPad Air has “come too close” to the iPad Pro. And this already tells us that there is a step pending in the iPad Pro for them to gain traction again compared to lower ranges.

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The next iPad Pro shouldn’t just have better chips, displays or cameras

Concept Iphone Xs pliableConcept of what a foldable iPhone XS would look like

In other words, now that we’ve unveiled this iPad Air 4, Apple needs to think about how to justify the pricing and the “Pro” suffix again. Not only as a more powerful iPad, if not with a touch that makes a world of difference compared to this iPad Air.

What difference can that be? This is where we need to check the rumors.

  • In June we had the famous L0vetodream leaker stating that he will have the A14X chip (i.e. the improved version of the new iPad Air chip with more graphics power) and which will have a mini led display. They were betting on the first half of 2021, and that’s something Ming-Chi Kuo corroborated today.
  • At the start of the year, there was also talk of an iPad with 5G connectivity, something that would also make the iPad Pro different from the rest of the lines if they kept the 4G modems we’re used to in their LTE versions.
  • Just this connectivity would take her a foldable iPad model, according to rumors from last year. Yes, July 2019 is far behind, but these days we have heard about some big folding screen orders from Cupertino. It gives food for thought.
  • Finally, given the transition to Apple Silicon and the flexibility it will bring us, we can talk about an iPad that runs iPadOS on its touch screen and that run macOS when we connect it to a desktop monitor, a keyboard and a mouse. It may be longer in the long run, but of course the iPad Pro would have earned its qualifier again and with a lot of strength. And beware, this has already emerged in some rumors.
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We’ll probably have to wait until the end of this year or Q1 2021 to see this evolution of the iPad Pro, and of course I won’t bet on any of these features until the rumors and leaks are overwhelming. But looking at what the current iPad Air 4 and iPad Pro now look like, it’s clear to me that the evolution to the next iPad Pro will not be linear (more power or better cameras). Or it shouldn’t be if the same names are kept.

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