The nicest outfits from Mario – Mariology.

The Mariology Serial is all about Mario. Alie dedicates three volumes to the Nintendo icon. This third part is packed with footage of the coolest Mario outfits. From Fire Mario to Metal Mario and Cat Mario. The plumber loves to dress up. Especially if he can explore the airspace with it …

As the name suggests, this Mariology serial is all about Mario. For this third part I collected the coolest outfits of the Nintendo icon. Each and every one of them iconic garments, which, completely on trend, also turn out to be super functional.

The nicest outfits from Mario – Mariology

Fire Mario

Fire Mario is arguably the most iconic Mario outfit in the franchise. Especially since the Nintendo icon already has these clothes on the Super Mario Bros. wore. The iconic combination of red and white still shows up in many recent games.

Raccoon Mario

In Super Mario Bros. 3 Mario got a whole bunch of outfits. Including Raccoon Mario, which actually only consists of a set of ears and a tail. Nevertheless, this clothing set propelled the plumber to a great height, literally even.

The nicest outfits from Mario – Mariology

Frog Mario

Another outfit from Super Mario Bros. 3 is Frog Mario. This allowed Mario to move well underwater, but unfortunately the handling on dry land was slightly less … It remains a pity that we have never seen this frog suit in its traditional form again.

Cape Mario

In Super Mario World, Mario said goodbye to his new wardrobe. Instead, he donned a piece of clothing worthy of a superhero: a yellow cape. To perfect its new status, it immediately got a dinosaur as a means of transport.

The nicest outfits from Mario – Mariology

Wing Mario

Mario and flies remains a recurring theme. You could also explore the skies in Super Mario 64. In this game, our hero only did that in a very minimalistic way. His cape and raccoon ears were replaced with tiny wings.

Metal Mario

Mario is certainly fashionable, but his clothes must be functional. Just look at this metallic outfit, which made it unbeatable – but unwieldy. Metal Mario still pops up in games, such as in the Smash Bros. games and the many sports games.

The nicest outfits from Mario – Mariology

Bee Mario

In Super Mario Galaxy, Nintendo got a taste for the dress-up box. Among other things, they put Mario in a bee suit. This also allowed Mario to fly (limited) and even stick to walls. Unfortunately Bee Mario is not waterproof on its own.

Boo Mario

Boo are a classic Mario enemy. The shy ghost appears in almost every game. They’re not easy to beat … So, if you can’t beat them, join them. See Boo Mario here, also found in Super Mario Galaxy.

Propeller Mario

Personally, I don’t think it’s such a very good look, but Propeller Mario should not be missing in this feature. It is the most iconic look from New Super Mario Bros. Wii. With a propeller as a hat, Mario could not only fly, but also transport his fellow players.

The nicest outfits from Mario – Mariology

Penguin Mario

Penguin Mario is a lot more successful as an outfit. Anyway, I have a soft spot for these cute little creatures, which are featured in New Super Mario Bros. Apparently Wii can just smash through walls, throw snowballs and do perfect belly sliders.

Cloud Mario

In Super Mario Galaxy 2, the world was introduced to Cloud Mario. This daring look turned out to be especially light-hearted, as it gave Mario the chance to walk on clouds. In fact, he could make clouds himself. A piece of art that has not been equaled since then.

Boomerang Mario

With Boomerang Mario, Mario once again takes on the role of his arch enemies. The Boomerang Bros. have been bothering the Nintendo icon since its third game. Unfortunately, the pot of their own medicine does not seem to deter the brothers very much … But hey, high fashion is often not understood.

The nicest outfits from Mario – Mariology

Flying Squirrel Mario

Raccoons, frogs, bees and penguins … Mario likes to dress up as an animal. As a result, the flying squirrel (New Super Mario Bros. U) should of course not be missing from the plumber’s now impressive wardrobe. And of course it is also a much more logical flying outfit than a raccoon …

Cat Mario

The above has a predilection for cats. It should come as no surprise to you that she has included Cat Mario in this list of Mario outfits. Look at those ears, that tail and those claws. It is extra nice that your fellow players can also throw themselves in the dress-up box in Super Mario 3D World.

Smoking Mario

No wardrobe is complete without a tuxedo. Now, Mario won’t fall back on this fancy outfit in everyday plumbing life, but it often comes in handy in his games. For example, Mario already wore his tuxedo in Super Mario All-Stars. The fact that this look always stays hot, becomes apparent in Super Mario Odyssey.

Builder Mario

Super Mario Odyssey is a party for the fashion addict anyway. Never before did Mario get a choice of so many different outfits. Although a lot of them are actually simply updates from previous versions. Take Builder Mario, which we also saw in Mario Maker.

The nicest outfits from Mario – Mariology

Dr. Mario

Uniforms never go out of style either. Certainly a piece of clothing as simple, yet impressive as the white doctor’s coat. Wisdom, strength and charisma. No wonder Nintendo took this look from Dr. Mario revives in Super Mario Odyssey.

Is your favorite Mario outfit among them? Or would you like to add something to this list yourself? Let us know this and a lot more in the comments!

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The nicest outfits from Mario – Mariology

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