Yesterday two bombs related to HBO Max. The first is that the Warner platform will arrive in Europe in 2021, which means that in Spain we will finally be able to access an application that offers a quality in line with the times, and that stops damaging the experience, as we could see by comparing the version of Blu Ray of ‘Game of Thrones’ with the present one in streaming.

However, it is relatively minor news compared to the other bombshell, that ‘Dune’, ‘Matrix 4’ and all Warner films of 2021 will be released simultaneously in theaters and HBO Max at no additional cost to subscribers. It is the last great shot of streaming to the cinema, with the pandemic in the background but very present at all times, since it has been the cause that this year’s great premieres have relatively failed, and others like ‘Mulán’ opt for new routes. Warner’s decision with HBO Max confirms a model change.

Coyntural or structural, we’ll see, but the transition is already real. The pandemic has created a great opportunity for streaming greats, and although if you asked them they probably wouldn’t have liked it to happen this way, they are taking advantage of it to mark a before and after.

There comes a time that seemed inevitable, but accelerated

The change of model in the world of cinema began to be seen a long time ago, when Netflix began to produce great films that only premiered in some theaters with the aim of being able to aspire to awards. The company bet and continues to bet a lot on original content, and in fact has given space to titles that might not have room in theaters due to topics of interest or budget, such as ‘Rome’, ‘The Irishman’ or ‘Mank’, the new film by David Fincher.

Cinemas were still almost the same as always, with certain technological innovations, but what had changed forever was the living room

Cinemas were still almost the same as always, with certain technological innovations, but what had changed forever was the living room. Instead of tiny tube TVs with a scart, now the normal thing is to buy with large inch televisions (from 55 “), they offer a great experience at home. To this you can add extras such as Home Cinema. And most importantly, you no longer have to make purchases of physical content. Streaming or the rental or purchase of digital content offer a quality that matches what most of the public expects.

That the model of distribution windows could begin to change given the trajectory that some industry players were taking was expected. What was not counted on was a pandemic that has accelerated so many technological, social and labor changes. Work has changed forever, and for example, video calls, which they were there without being protagonists, have become very relevant in the day to day of millions of families and companies.

Cinema has been one of the most threatened industries, like culture itself, but just as technological advances have made many restaurants and bars able to continue operating with Glovo or standard home delivery, these have also meant that it can be enjoyed. no hassle of a lot of content at home. And there, greats like Disney and HBO Max / Warner they have seized their opportunity to lead the way. Because Netflix had already done it, in its own way.

HBO Max, Warner and Disney already pose a very different 2021 from anything seen in recent years

The HBO Max and Warner Bomb Announcing That Expected Big Blockbusters Will Be Available at No Extra Cost it’s too big not to see it as a before and after. Despite this, at the moment the announcement speaks that this strategy will be carried out only in the United States, and temporarily. Be that as it may, it represents a very big change from what the industry

This, of course, has not pleased the representatives of the cinema industry very much, as our colleagues from SamaGame collect. This is what the federation of cinemas has told them:

“It is a model that has worked all over the world for many years and it works. At an economic level it is the one that gives the most performance to all the players in the industry.”

Disney seems to be already in another moment. Your CEO, Bob Chapek, commented that ‘Mulán’ has not been a failure, and in October the company said they would boost streaming much more through a restructuring of the entertainment and media divisions.

The greats of streaming belong to great products, so everything is in their coffers if it goes well

And the biggest proof that Disney + will take on a much bigger role than before is that Pixar’s ‘Soul’ will debut on the platform at no extra cost to subscribers, like HBO Max premieres. In this sense, Chapek said that “what we want to do is leave it to a group of people who can really see it objectively and make the optimal decision for the company instead of having a movie seen in theaters as something predetermined”.

Disney is expected to tell more about its strategy on December 10, when the company will communicate decisions in this and other senses to investors.