Among Us has become a worldwide phenomenon. The new sensation of an especially intense year for the video game industry. A passing fad? Well, for now, his intense games have already crossed the screens of mobiles and PCs to become memes. Some of them, simply brilliant.

Just go to Reddit to find rivers of illustrations and videos that evoke the best and worst moments of each game. Different ways to relive the most dramatic situations, the biggest blunders and even glory as crew members and impostors.

Because in Among us You don’t have to be good or bad performing tasks or sabotaging the game – in the end it all comes down to proving your innocence. Even when you are innocent. And of course, that gives a lot of play.

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At VidaExtra we are very fans of the phenomenon Among Us. Precisely for this reason, we have made you a selection of memes that reflect the best, worst and funniest of each game. Because nobody is bitter with a sweet.

Here are the craziest memes of Among us. At the end of the day, it’s not all about doing chores and murder: laughter is also part of the experience.

There’s only one thing better than pulling off a flawless assassination: watching the crew start accusing each other over popcorn.

The Spider-Man meme from the classic animated series fits that even Among us. What is the real impostor?

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– Among Us

– Me

– The Triple A game that cost millions of dollars

It is happening to all of us: we have half started that game that has cost a million and in the end what the body asks of us is a game of Among Us.

The Crew have two main roles: perform the necessary tasks and detect the Imposter. What if we only dedicate ourselves to the former? Basically, that we can get scared.

The cycle of each game of Among Us: start playing, report, arouse suspicion, lose in the voting, get thrown off the ship … and start a new game.


“When you go to the electrical room with someone and the doors close”

The electrical room is a death trap. It had to be said and it was said.

The year 2020 is something of an impostor of Among us. You don’t know what will happen next, but it is most likely not a good thing.

Like any game, Among us it has sparked the imagination and talent of countless fans on the internet. Some, true artists. One more proof that you don’t need cutting-edge graphics to make a good video game.


“When you kill someone who accuses you of an Impostor”

One of the best things about Among us is how he wakes up the Kira from Death note that each one carries inside. To survive, sometimes you have to eliminate someone who knows too much and sometimes deny the greatest. The important thing is not to raise suspicions.

In Among us you can’t even trust your shadow. Not even the one who accompanied you to take your puppy to the vet.

Victims must be chosen carefully. Both in the game and in real life: if there is something we have made clear about the InnerSloth game, it is that not everyone has a good loss.


“Me pretending to be in shock after someone discovered the body of the player I just killed.”

Being a good impostor should validate at least a couple of credits in any drama academy.

When you are an imposter there are three ways to eliminate the Crewmen: assassination, sabotage and voting. The most dangerous is usually the last method.

Among us, approximately in the year 33 of our era.


It’s a matter of time before someone buys the movie rights to Among us. Some even dare to imagine what the Netflix poster would look like.

From the beginning of the game you know that there is at least one imposter, but the feeling of entering a room and encountering a body is still indescribable.

There is an unwritten rule in Among Us: every impostor has reported his own murder at least once. Of course, you have to know how to do it with a pinch of art and drama.

The best to survive in Among us it is to go unnoticed in the conversations, although it is a matter of time before we have to defend ourselves. At that time, we must have a prepared speech that gets Captain America himself excited. Or at least a good alibi.

In the interrogation phases, sometimes the discussions get out of hand. It’s part of the fun, right?

“- A guy explaining that someone is more or less suspicious because he was following him

– Me, being interrupted when my homework was at 99% “

If they let us kick out every time we get interrupted for something silly when you are about to finish one of the tasks, the games would last half the duration.

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