History almost repeats itself. Bad luck, misfortune or the sheer skill of the opposing player almost get us to see, again one of the great feats in the history of eSports. And repeating one of the protagonists.

First of all, we must go back to the origin of this story. EVO 2004, the most prestigious competition in the world in terms of fighting games. During one of the semifinals of Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike of that edition, two of the best players in the world, Daigo Umehara Y Justin wongThey face each other for a place in the very final.

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Ken and Chun-Li, respectively, were the chosen fighters. The high point is when Umehara manages to execute 15 consecutive parries, as Wong tried to hit with a Senretsukyaku. Without managing to land a single blow, the counterattack is devastating, ending the fight immediately and driving the crowd crazy. Oh by the way, Daigo had only one pixel of life.

Once the context is raised, let’s go with what has happened recently to Justin wong. The American, during one of his streaming broadcasts, has been about to repeat the fateful event. In an online match against another player, Wong controlled Chun-Li, his opponent Ken, and the setting was the Metro Station. Everything was arranged in the same way.

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When Wong unleashes his final attack, the opponent begins to block the attempts. It is at this point that the ghosts of the past seized him with a resounding “OH S**T!” However, to Wong’s relief, the opponent did not have the same timing that Umehara demonstrated 16 years ago, so he was ultimately killed.

LET’S GO JUSTIN @JWonggg https://t.co/UOBDdOMdyt pic.twitter.com/B63MsV8DIy

– HiFight (@HiFightTH) December 13, 2020

Justin ends up putting his hands to his chest, relieved to see that he did not finally suffer the same end. Of course, that moment has marked the career of Justin Wong and it has become one of the iconic moments in the industry. So much so that it has been recreated in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

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