I recently had the opportunity to play PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale (From now on we will abbreviate it in PASBR) in the version of $ Vita (I have no idea what the PS3 version will look like) thanks to a friend of mine. After playing various arcade modes with some characters that I like, I realized that the game had several pretty… bad presentation errors, so I have decided to write about them in this article. A note first of all, in this review / analysis I will only focus on the presentation, that is, the attention to detail, the music, etc … So I will not get to discuss the characters very seriously (Because we will talk a little about the characters, yes) or the gameplay, because although I have a little problem, it is not too important and I think I have nothing interesting to say about them. With that said, I’d also like to clarify that these have been MY experiences with the game, so this is obviously an opinion. Without further ado, let’s get started:


Okay, let’s start with the dubbing, why not? Virtually almost every character in the game (Except Toro, who is a cat, a real one, one of the meowers) speaks some kind of language. And I have no problem with the interpretations, I think they are pretty good and I have nothing too bad to say about them, well, some of the lines they use for some characters are very simplistic and clichéd, but heck, it’s a fighting game , we cannot expect something typical of Shakespeare… So if there is no misinterpretation, what is wrong with the dubbing? Well, there are TWO fatal errors but both can be included in the same category, the edition …

The first error I have seen is that the game uses voice actors from various countries, so we can see for example how Kratos threatens Dante in Spanish and the latter responds in perfect English. And this is not bad, actually, I like it, especially with Heihachi of Tekken which has its original voice actor of Japan… But this last character is the only character that uses subtitles, THE ONLY ONE. The first arcade mode I played, I had fun with Dante, and in the opening scenes, the uncle spoke with the voice of an Anglo-Saxon and there was no subtitle, that is, for example, my friend’s 10-year-old brother who is the one who mostly played this game did not know about what the characters said and this IS NOT ACCEPTABLE

The second problem I have with the dubbing is the bad editing, well, I don’t know how to say it, but do you remember when when you were little you saw a cartoon and suddenly the characters shouted with a voice that did not correspond to that of the dubbing actor Spanish? Well, here it also happens, this problem happened to me especially with Spike of Ape Escape, with which every time they killed him he would say phrases in perfect Spanish such as: “It ended up being nice” with a deep voice typical of someone’s style. Ash Ketchum but then when Nathan Drake shoots him in the face with a machine gun style Heavy of Team Fortress 2 he flies through the air screaming like a real 10-year-old, and well, this not only happens in this game but also in many others, but even so, considering that this game has a minimum amount of phrases to double, I It seems pretty… vague not to make the sounds too.

The music

Let’s go from the sound of the dubbing to the music of the stage… Wait, was there music? PASBR having a multiplayer in which four people fight at the same time could not use a system of themes per character in the style of Marvel vs. Capcom or Street Fighter, so it uses a system very similar to the one used by Smash Bros to use themes by stage and not by character … (By the way, yes, I will establish several comparisons with Smash Bros throughout the article) But the problem of the music of the game … I SEEM very environmental, and this is a fighting game. Ok, let’s consider some of the most famous themes in fighting games, the theme of Guile or the theme of Captain America in Marvel vs. Capcom, these two songs have something in common, they are frantic and give a lot of adrenaline and are very … colorful and stand out, that does not happen with PASBR, seriously, the only song that really attracted attention was the first part of the stage of Uncharted, Stowaways since it used the main theme of Uncharted 2 (A marvel) but the others … I hear them very … boring, some techno rhythm or something muffled in stages like those of Killzone but then on the stage of Crazy Roco there is nothing that really stands out either … And you may call me a fanboy, but this doesn’t happen in Smash bros

And I think I know why Smash Bros, almost always new versions of the songs that are going to be used are recorded … And I think this did not happen in PASBR, the theme of Uncharted 2, it sounded totally the same, not a more animated arrangement to sound more in line with a game like that, no … Smash Bros The same thing happens to him several times yes, but he also creates new arrangements, especially with his new installment for Smash Bros 3DS and Wii ORLook, so that you can see it, I will give you two examples for you to later compare at the end of this section. And well, basically what I’m saying is that music seems too ambient to me and when it isn’t, when it’s epic. and it tends to be good for these games … It’s not bad, it accompanies the moment quite well but I don’t think I have the necessary arrangements to get it done better.

The unlockables

This is something that just makes me say…. Why? Why are there these collectibles? Well, you will see there are several collectibles to customize your online profile or the characters, I have no problem in general with the collectibles of the profiles since they are the same type as all other modern fighting games so I have nothing of the same. I have to complain but the collectibles for the characters … Bfff … Where do I start, I’ll start with the suits, you see, each character can have at least one different suit from the standard, okay, I don’t think it’s bad at all, they are quite interesting unlockables and … oh I’ve only played two or three matches with this guy and I already have almost all of his suits except the super difficult one unlocked and this guy must be one of the only two or three characters with a super difficult suit … Seriously, it doesn’t take long in getting those suits, for that they are from the beginning. Let’s move on to something that honestly should not be an unlockable, victory music, because when you play at the beginning for example with Parappa you will hear a generic music and then after two or three fights you can ALREADY unlock a melody according to the character … if they only cost two or three fights FOR WHAT DO YOU PUT IT AS UNLOCKABLE- Okay, let’s stop talking about that, let’s talk about … the poses … Well, you can also unlock taunt, entry and victory poses, and well, some cost a bit, okay … But is that above these things are the ones that should not be collectibles. Let me explain, when you unlock a new pose, if you choose it, you will see how you end the fight over and over again with the same pose, that is VERY monotonous and tires VERY fast … Besides, some of the poses are simply unfinished … I’ll tell you , I had struck a pose with Dante where when he won he would pull out the pistols and put them on their side as if he were the coolest guy on the planet, well, the same second he turns them on their side, the animation is interrupted by a combat statistics screen, IN THE SAME SECOND … Was this game tested or something?

Arcade mode

Everyone has complained about these, lately, it seems that all fighting games in their endings for each character have to put simple images without movement while the character or a narrator describes the scene or things like that … Seriously, we have passed of Street Fighter IV with anime scenes made for each character specifically for this … Look, I don’t think it’s necessary to extend this section much longer because it just doesn’t seem worth it, I think it’s something … cheap, something that has only been done to lower costs, They made scenes in full 3D before the fights between the characters that are rivals, and they looked great, Can’t they really do the same and not give us a static image of Nathan Drake looking at a map or from Spike talking to the teacher? And above, the images are the most boring thing in the world, do you want to see Dante killing thousands of demons or something? Well, enjoy him walking through Limbo while listening to his internal monologue, which of course COMES WITHOUT SUBTITLES … BUT WHAT LAMES-? Look, I don’t know what to say anymore, let’s move on to something pretty obvious but worth talking about.

The general tone of the game

As soon as we start the game, in the menu, we can hear the main theme of the game, a fairly commercial electronic music… it seems as if they are trying to attract the new generations of rat children or 10-year-old children with characters like Nathan Drake or Raiden of Metal Gear Rising, but then it also seems that they are trying to attract a tall and “mature” audience with characters like Kratos or Radec but blood never comes out, or maybe it wants to be a game dedicated to the whole family with characters like Sackboy or Ratchet & Clank But then why is that killer clown on fire, oh look, if it has cult characters for people who know about video games like Big Daddy or Nariko of Heavenly Sword… It seems that it wants to be a game in commemoration of ancient glories like Sir Daniel or Spike of Ape Escape but then they put Raiden of Metal Gear Rising instead of Solid Snake and the new Dante with black hair instead of the original white hair as if it were something commercial … Sorry, but I will have to compare it with Smash Bros… again. Smash Bros It has a large number of characters, but it is very clear to whom it is aimed, it is aimed above all at family and friends, to have a good time on the couch with your lifelong friend (¿Comp, it is still said that?) and that is why characters come out of all kinds of games, they are always a bit “childish” but they don’t want to be an adult, PASBR wants to be an adult, they want to be a teenager, they want to be for the family … They don’t have a focus … What do you want to be? I’m not saying it for the latter, because it seems that you have not found a focus, I also say it because it seems that you want to be something important, something transcendent, something at the height of Smash Bros, but nevertheless, you have a LOT of mistakes and the package seems to be unfinished … This game has become for many people, a clone of Smash Bros, something that is not the original, that is not so good, and honestly, it is not Smash Bros, but he wants to become one, but at the same time he wants to distance himself from it, this game wants to be recognized as something new, that is why it has totally new mechanics, but the presentation and some other points are very poorly worked … so it does not reach the level of detail of the game of the Big N … Honestly, if this game had had true production values ​​and had been careful to detail … It would be great, at the level of Smash Bros… But it seems that no, that they did not bother to achieve fame, they knew that they would have to resign themselves … to not aspire to be something incredible.