Smartwatches from Apple, Samsung and other companies have health-related functions, but their metrics are usually not as accurate as those of a device developed specifically for this task. If you are looking for a sports watch and don’t want to spend a lot of money, the Polar Ignite It is lowered on Amazon to 149.90 euros, its historical minimum price.

Buy the Polar Ignite sports watch at the best price

With a suggested retail price of € 199.90, the Polar Ignite is available right now on Amazon with an interesting discount of 50 euros That leaves it for 149.90 euros, its historical minimum price on the platform.

The Polar Ignite sports smartwatch with integrated GPS is cheaper than ever at Amazon: 149.90 euros

The Polar Ignite is a sports watch with limited “smartwatch” capabilities. It has Integrated GPS, a function that allows you to record the training route in the case of outdoor sports such as running, walking or cycling without depending on the smartphone signal, something that not all models in this price range incorporate.

Its design is slim and minimalist, with a single physical button. Interaction with the watch is done mainly through the touch screen, from which it is possible to see the pulse on the wrist, the speed, the calorie count, the distance, etc. An eye-catching feature of the device is Nightly Recharge, which measures how well the body recovers during the night from exertion during the day.

With FitSpark can receive customized training plans daily depending on the recovery of our body and daily disposition. As for the “smart” functions, it is limited to receiving notifications from the smartphone, without having an NFC chip for mobile payments.

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The Polar Ignite sports smartwatch with integrated GPS is cheaper than ever at Amazon: 149.90 euros