The possibilities of Grand Theft Auto V on PC, Xbox One and PS 4.

Grand Theft Auto V has possibly been one of the most acclaimed games of the past year. Rockstar has pushed the hardware of the previous generation consoles, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, to the limit with a game that shows excellent graphics and a good gaming experience. There are various rumors and “confirmations” that GTA 5 will be coming out very soon for PC, which leads us to the following question: Will Rockstar release a completely new version of GTA 5 for PC, so that it will be “the shuttle” for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 version?

In the usual Rockstar vein, they initially released Grand Theft Auto V solely for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 and seemed to show little interest in the PC version. It is the company’s usual trend because they have done it before with several titles such as GTA 4 or LA Noire, which were released for PC about 6 months after their release on consoles. This does not mean that Rockstar is going to launch GTA 5 for PC, much less, as for example they did with Red Dead Redeption, which does not have a version for PC.

Leaving the PC aside for a moment, keep in mind that the next generation of consoles is already here, and millions of people already have a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One at home (or both in some cases). A question that thousands of people are asking now is what Rockstar plans to do with its latest release regarding this new generation of consoles, which have much higher hardware potential than the previous generation and, therefore, could handle very graphics. superiors. Many of us are wondering, therefore, if Rockstar is postponing the PC version of Grand Theft Auto V to launch it with an improved graphics engine and serve as a launching pad for this new generation.

The possibilities of Grand Theft Auto V on PC, Xbox One and PS 4

GTA 5 is already a great game in terms of graphics, and there are many people commenting that they should just release a version that is compatible with PC, XBox One, PlayStation 4 and even PS Vita just like the current one. You have to remember that when the new generation of consoles was announced, GTA 5 was still in the development phase, so it stands to reason that Rockstar was already aware then that people would want their new game for this new generation of consoles. However, they released it exclusively for the previous generation, something incomprehensible. Let’s remember that there are many titles that came out for the previous generation, and that announced that for 10 euros more users could change the Xbox 360 and PS3 games for their versions of the next-gen consoles.

Grand Theft Auto V on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The possibilities of Grand Theft Auto V on PC, Xbox One and PS 4

Now we are going to make use of all these previous speculations and we are going to what concerns us in this article. Most game developers have already released or at least announced versions of their games for next-gen consoles, while Rockstar has yet to say a single word about it, although it seems obvious to everyone that they must have it planned already. (if not, we honestly think it would be a total failure for the company).

Many rumors suggest that Rockstar will launch GTA 5 as its first game for the new generation of consoles, some with solid evidence such as leaks from game catalogs. Some rumors also suggest that Rockstar could release Red Dead Redemption 2 as its first game on next-gen consoles, but that’s something we’ll talk about another time.

The possibilities of Grand Theft Auto V on PC, Xbox One and PS 4

Basically, we think that GTA 5 has already gotten all the attention it could on PS3 and Xbox 360. People have already played it, passed it on, and got bored with it, which means that not many people will buy the game again. game if it is released on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and more if we take into account that most of the current owners of these consoles already had their previous versions before. For this reason, we believe that Rockstar should launch a renewed version of the game if it wants to win the game.

Grand Theft Auto V on PC.

The possibilities of Grand Theft Auto V on PC, Xbox One and PS 4

We are now going to talk about Grand Theft Auto V and its long-awaited version for PC. Consoles cannot be compared to PCs in terms of hardware, that’s for all of us. Most multi-platform games look much better on PC than on consoles, since consoles have endless possibilities when it comes to the high-end. Rockstar released GTA 4 for PC six months after it did for console, and while the game looked a bit better on PC, the version was pretty much the same as it was on consoles. Then the developers came along and started releasing mods for the game that substantially improved the visual experience on PC, to the point that many reviewers have claimed that GTA 4 for PC looks better than GTA 5 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

GTA V is a great game, and it should be released on a great platform for it. The game is well developed and if Rockstar plans to release a PC version, the redefined visual environment and dynamic environment would add even more beauty to the game. Something important must be taken into account, and that is that there are currently many more PC Gamers than console gamers, and most of them, including myself personally, have not yet played the Rockstar title and will not do so until they come out the pc version. Yet another reason why Rockstar should release the PC version of Grand Theft Auto V.

The PC will redefine Grand Theft Auto V and improve its quality to the limit. PC gamers would likely buy the game the moment it was released, which would result in a further increase in profits for Rockstar.

The possibilities of Grand Theft Auto V on PC, Xbox One and PS 4

The conclusion.

Rockstar has already taken full advantage of Grand Theft Auto V on the previous generation of consoles, so it’s time for them to get their act together and release the PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 version of the game all at once. If it takes much longer, people will lose interest in the game and even if it is finally released for these platforms, they will already buy it.

The potential that this game could have on PC and the new generation of consoles would be very high, and even more so if they are taking advantage of all this time to improve the game’s graphics engine, something that without a doubt both the PC and the Xbox One and PS4 will benefit from. they could handle it perfectly thanks to better hardware specifications than the previous generation of consoles, an environment where GTA V is currently very limited.

The possibilities of Grand Theft Auto V on PC, Xbox One and PS 4

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