What was yesterday, today is no longer. Microsoft has finally decided to rectify in your decision to increase the price of Xbox Live Gold rates. A large number of countries were affected by this measure, including Spain.

This morning, the company has issued a tweet on its account rectifying what happened and announcing new measures for the service on its blog.

Today was not great. We always try to do our best for you and today we missed the mark.

We hear you, and we’re reversing our Xbox Live Gold pricing updates.

– Xbox (@Xbox) January 23, 2021 Today was not good. We always try to do everything possible for you and today we lost the reference. We listened to you and are rectifying our Xbox Live Gold pricing updates.

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Therefore, as can be seen in the statement, Xbox Live Gold rates will finally not be altered. The monthly price will continue to be 9.99 euros per month and 59.99 euros per year, beyond the quarterly variations.

If you are already an Xbox Live Gold member, it remains at your current price for renewal. New and existing members can continue to enjoy Xbox Live Gold for the same prices they pay today. In the US, $ 9.99 for 1 month, $ 24.99 for 3 months, $ 39.99 for 6 months, and $ 59.99 for retail 12 months.

Additionally, a major new change has been unveiled. Hereinafter, free titles will no longer need an Xbox Live Gold subscription to be enjoyed on Microsoft consoles, in the same way that happens with PlayStation Plus. They hope to have this change ready in the coming months.

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We’re turning this moment into an opportunity for Xbox Live to be more in line with how we view the gamer at the center of their experience. For free games, you will no longer need an Xbox Live Gold membership to play those games on Xbox. We are working hard to implement this change as soon as possible in the coming months.