It is the last week of the month of March, one more week in which the rules must be followed to combat this quarantine and save many people and our own families by staying at home, this is a global problem that affects all industries, including them to the supply chain that will be present for the production of the iPhone 12 and that supposes it will be delayed even more.

This is how the note of this last week of March begins, with uncertainty as a result of the global crisis we are going through, a blow at all levels for the planet since the scheduled agendas for the activities of many people have been delayed, among these those of the production of the iPhone 12 that, although China is gradually returning to normality, still generates confusion.

The production of the iPhone 12 still in doubt

This is how many companies that provide components of technological equipment, including mobile phones, have seen the need to find a solution to the lack of economic and human resources, due to this is that the delay of some of these companies has raised concerns from Foxconn to continue production of the iPhone 12.

iPhone 12 production could be delayed

The giant Foxconn has confirmed that its schedule for the production of the iPhone 12 and other apple-brand devices is maintained despite the forced stoppages due to the quarantine, however, Foxconn has also mentioned that they are concerned because not everything looks good for the production chain that comes before them.

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And it is that the great demand of the summer comes along with delays and an economy that wants to get ahead as soon as possible, combined they could play against affecting the production chain of the iPhone 12 or better known with the code name of iPhone 5G, Above all, this is that in the Cupertino barracks the question has been raised as to whether to keep the agenda or delay it.

And it is that at Apple they are aware that the world is financially hit and it is very possible that their mobile future will not have the expected reception by users, to this have also been added contradictions and denied rumors about requests for delays in terms of components for the production of the iPhone 12.

Finally, Bloomberg has also spoken out mentioning that a possible delay is not expected, however, one should not be ruled out either. Either way, the future iPhone 12 will integrate 5G wireless connectivity and its launch is still scheduled for this fall until further notice, this is partly attributed to the fact that mass production of these could begin until the summer, when the world returns a little. to calm.