The PS4 and Xbox One are running out of time. In 2020 we will see the two successors of these consoles, and these days Sony has given interesting details of its PlayStation 5, which will be officially called and which is a renewed commitment to traditional consoles.

The question, of course, is whether these two consoles will make sense in an era in which video game streaming, the PC and even mobile gaming raise doubts about the traditional model. Is it worth taking out a PS5 at this point? For Sony the answer is clear: yes.

To talk about this topic and a frenzied segment they meet Ruben Marquez (@rmarquz), editor at SamaGame, and a server, Javier Pastor (@javipas), editor at Engadget. On the control panel, as always, Santi Araújo (@santiaraujo), who in addition to his work as editor at SamaGame is the producer of this and other podcasts created in this house.

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The PS5 and Xbox ‘Project Scarlett’ face the future of streaming

In the last two decades the world of videogames has relied on a philosophy and principles that did not change: there was the PC, there were consoles and there were portable consoles. Physical formats have maintained their relevance despite the boom in digital downloads, but the essence didn’t change too much.

With each generation we have had more powerful and versatile consoles, but in 2020 we will find a different panorama. It will be then when both the future Microsoft console, its ‘Project Scarlett’, and the future Sony model appear, that PS5 that promises striking hardware innovations.

In reality the two bets of Sony and Microsoft are more similar than surely these two companies would like to confess, and probably the real battle between them is in the catalog (the exclusives count, and a lot) and associated services that they can offer to users.

But beyond the rivalry between the two of them, both the PS5 and the future Xbox will have a common enemy: video game streaming, which raises a change in philosophy and makes us think what future these two consoles may have.

In this new episode of Clear the X we break down the strengths that the PS5 (and the future Xbox) has and we put on the table the questions that many of you are probably asking yourself: Will it make sense to buy the console when it appears? Will the world of streaming be too irresistible candy?

It is difficult to answer for sure, but what is clear is that both Sony and Microsoft believe that the new generation of consoles will have a lot to say in the coming years. We will see if it is so.

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