Sony has finally revealed the design of the PlayStation 5, which seems to allude to the V kit design of the dev kit, but whose aspect is totally different from that unit delivered to the studios.

At the PlayStation 5 event, Sony unveiled the console and has already spawned fun memes that compare it to modems or other items you might have at home.

In addition, as you would expect, fans are already trying to get a more accurate idea of ​​the real size of the console, from the promotional images of the console and its scale before DualSense.

Without official numbers, we have this image created by a fan and shared on Reddit, the PS5 could be the biggest console we’ve ever seen.

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This image suggests that PS5 will be bigger than PS3, one of the biggest consoles we’ve seen, and that it will be bigger than the current PlayStation 4 Pro.

GREB07 image from reddit

Microsoft has officially revealed the size of the Xbox Series X: 301mm x 151mm x 151mm.

The company even toyed with the refrigerator meme and we hope Sony will do the same with a router when it decides to reveal the console’s official size.

Furthermore, there does not seem to be any difference in size between the model with a disc player and the exclusively digital model.

Xbox Series X: 151mm x 151mm x 301mm #PowerYourDreams

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